Ashapura Aluminium Limited


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Chetan Nanvnitlal Shah
Chetan Nanvnitlal Shah
Director/Designated Partner
Hemul Ramesh Shah
Hemul Ramesh Shah
Director/Designated Partner

Company Information

CIN U27203GJ2007PLC051421
Company Status Active
Registration Number 051421
Date of Incorporation 31 July 2007
Registration State Ahmedabad
Company Sub-Category Non-govt company
Listing status Unlisted
Authorised Capital 50,000,000
Paid Up Capital 500,000
Date of Last Annual General Meeting 11 August 2023
Date of Latest Balance Sheet 31 March 2023

Past Directors

Suryakant Matulal Shah
Suryakant Matulal Shah
Additional Director

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Ashapura aluminium limited incorporated?

The Ashapura aluminium limited was incorporated with ROC on 31 July 2007 as .

Where has the Ashapura aluminium limited been incorporated?

The company was incorporated in Ahmedabad with registration number 051421.

What is the E-filing status of the company?

The status of Ashapura aluminium limited is Active.

Number of Key Management personnel of the Ashapura aluminium limited?

The company has 6 key management personnel in the company.

Who are the directors of the Ashapura aluminium limited?

The appointed directors in the company are:

  • Dina chetan shah
  • Chetan nanvnitlal shah
  • Hemul ramesh shah
  • Jayesh nagindas doshi
  • Suryakant matulal shah
  • Vinod panalal shah

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