Kauntia Consultants And Investments Pvt. Ltd.


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Jugal Kishore Mahanta
Jugal Kishore Mahanta
Director/Designated Partner
Bhaskar Sharma
Bhaskar Sharma
Director/Designated Partner

Company Information

CIN U67120AS1994PTC012065
Company Status Amalgamated
Registration Number 012065
Date of Incorporation 26 December 1994
Registration State Shillong
Company Sub-Category Non-govt company
Listing status Unlisted
Authorised Capital 7,300,000
Paid Up Capital 7,239,000
Date of Last Annual General Meeting 29 September 2017
Date of Latest Balance Sheet

Past Directors

Manoj Singh
Manoj Singh
Hridayananda Konwar
Hridayananda Konwar
Additional Director
Uttam Bordoloi
Uttam Bordoloi
Additional Director
Chiranjeet Baruah
Chiranjeet Baruah
Additional Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of Kauntia consultants and investments pvt. ltd. incorporation?

Incorporation date of the company is 26 December 1994 .

Where are the documents of the company based?

The documents of the company are based in Shillong.

Is the company legitimate or illegitimate company as per ROC data?

The company status as per MCA is Amalgamated.

What is the Number of directors in the company board?

Number of directors in the company board are 10.

Kauntia consultants and investments pvt. ltd. has appointed how many directors?

The appointed directors in the company are:

  • Dhananjay singh
  • Avinash acharya
  • Rabindra acharya
  • Sanjay singh
  • Manoj singh
  • Hridayananda konwar
  • Jugal kishore mahanta
  • Uttam bordoloi
  • Chiranjeet baruah
  • Bhaskar sharma

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