Apparatus For Line Telephony Companies in Daman And Diu

Manufacture Of Radio, Television And Communication Equipment And Apparatus
Manufacture Of Apparatus For Line Telephony Including Such Apparatus For Carrier- Current Line Systems (Includes Manufacture Of Telephone Sets, Automatic And Non- Automatic Switch Boards And Exchanges; Morse Or Morse-Type Keys, Other Telegraphic Transmitters, Digital Electronic Exchange Appartus, Morse-Type Recorders, Printer-Type Receivers, Picture Telegraphic Transmitters And Receivers Etc.)

Sai Telecom Limited

CIN: U32204DD1997PTC002339
3 Directors
Amiit Tandon, Anjali Ajoy Jauhar, Anjaneyulu Rangappa Banda
  • Incorporated on 12 May 1997
  • Industry Apparatus For Line Telephony

L32204 Dd1997 Ptc002339

CIN: L32204DD1997PTC002339
1 Directors
Anjaneyulu Rangappa Banda
  • Industry Apparatus For Line Telephony