Security Dealing Companies in Daman And Diu

Activities Auxiliary To Financial Intermediation
Security Dealing Activities.[This Class Includes Dealing In Financial Market On Behalf Of Others (E.G. Stock Broking) And Related Activities.(Dealing In Markets On Own-Account Is Classified In Class 6599)].

Affluence Shares And Stocks Private Limited

CIN: U67120DD2000PTC004748
  • Incorporated on 21 January 2000
  • Industry Security Dealing

Qcap Securities Private Limited

CIN: U67120DD2013PTC004719
2 Directors
Sarojini Krishna Tandon, Dilip Dhondiba Halande
  • Incorporated on 11 June 2013
  • Industry Security Dealing

Elixir Wealth Management Private Limited

CIN: U67120DD1992PTC004770
  • Incorporated on 29 May 1992
  • Industry Security Dealing

Kindle Broking Private Limited

CIN: U67120DD2020PTC009860
2 Directors
Lalbahadur Rudramani Mishra, Suman Lalbahadur Mishra
  • Incorporated on 08 January 2020
  • Industry Security Dealing

Nirpan Securities Private Limited

CIN: U67120DD1993PTC004732
  • Incorporated on 06 December 1993
  • Industry Security Dealing

Total Securities Limited

CIN: U67120DD2000PLC004709
  • Incorporated on 11 January 2000
  • Industry Security Dealing

Affluence Fincon Service Private Limited

CIN: U67120DD2009PTC004746
  • Incorporated on 12 May 2009
  • Industry Security Dealing

Madhav Stock Vision Private Limited

CIN: U67120DD1999PTC004762
4 Directors
Ajay Sampatraj Jain, Rajkumar Prabhu Damani, Bhagyashree Lihala, Darshak Shantilal Shah
  • Incorporated on 24 December 1999
  • Industry Security Dealing

Crystal Equities Limited

CIN: U67120DD1995PLC001945
  • Incorporated on 10 October 1995
  • Industry Security Dealing

Nirshilp Commodities And Trading Privatelimited

CIN: U67120DD2002PTC004739
  • Incorporated on 08 February 2002
  • Industry Security Dealing