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Trademarks Articles

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Parallel Imports in the World of Trademarks

25 Apr 2017 by P.T.Shravani

Trademark valuation: The vital importance of knowing what your mark is worth

Did you know at one point Google, in filing for...
25 Apr 2017 by P.T.Shravani

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The Shape Of You’s soloist settles copyright infringement in just $20 million

Ed Sheeran was accused by ‘X Factor 2010’ former winner Matt Cardle for ‘note to note’ copying of a famous track “Photograph”.
22 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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7 Ways to Create a Trademark Logo to Woo the Target Market in 2017

The new blood needs to be well versed with guidelines and the latest trends prevalent in India to create a trademark logo.
22 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta


When you try your best, But you don’t...
13 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta


Trademarks Answers

How long do trademarks last

No, trademarks aren't valid for life and you...
19 Jan 2017 by Ankan Bose

Can a Trademark be lost?

Yes, you can very well lose your trademark...
19 Jan 2017 by Lokesh Sharma

Can I Register an Abandoned Trademark

A trademark is abandoned when the owner stops...
19 Jan 2017 by Ankan Bose

Is a Trademark Registered in India Valid Worldwide?

Trademarks are valid only in the country where...
08 Dec 2016 by Lokesh Sharma

Does a Trademark have to be Registered to be Valid?

Registering a trademark is the only foolproof...
08 Dec 2016 by Ankan Bose

What is the Process of Trademark Transfer in India?

The Process of transfer of trademark is...
08 Dec 2016 by Manmeet Singh

QuickCompany in the Media

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CBDT allots PAN and TAN in 24 hours!

The ease of doing business in India, has taken new a dimension.Automation! Is the new catch phrase outlining the corporate culture in India.
19 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

The Taste of India: is not a frozen dessert!

I scream You scream We all scream...
13 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

Steps to link your pan to Aadhaar

A NEW RULE : Linking PAN to AADHAAR is...
13 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta


The 13 days long strikes against Ola-Uber led...
10 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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Pact With Blackberry And Apple- The Boosters for “Make in India” initiative

The initiate taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Make in India” to uplift the multi-national and national companies to fabricate their products in our country; once again turn out its achievement.
28 Mar 2017 by Kapila Tanwar

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The Hospitality Industry Bubble You Never Noticed Until Now

But what happens when companies which are operating over decades; which are fed by pro giants like Matrix and Nexus bursts out completely in just, Three less than a Decade.
28 Mar 2017 by Nimisha Gupta