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Explains the Complete process for Trademarks in India

Trademark Cost

Learn more on how much it costs to register a trademark in India

Trademark Classes

Learn more about trademark classes and which one is the right fit for you. We have covered the details so that you don’t have to.

Trademark Status

Learn more about how to check trademark status and obtaining a permanent trademark number


Trademarks Articles


Therefore, prior user of the marks should be...
17 Feb 2017 by Raveena Verma

What is Contributory Trademark Infringement?

The elements that constitute infringement...
17 Feb 2017 by Raveena Verma

What is Trademark Tarnishment and How to Deal with It?

The Court, while referring to section 29 (4) of...
17 Feb 2017 by Raveena Verma

Cybersquatting Laws in India

Cybersquatters aim at associating themselves...
14 Feb 2017 by Bambi Bhalla

Start-ups and Loss of Trademark Rights – How You Can Stay Safe

Recently social media trendsetter Pinterest...
09 Feb 2017 by P.T.Shravani

Loss of Trademark Rights

In October 2013, in the case of M/s ITC Ltd....
09 Feb 2017 by P.T.Shravani


Trademarks Answers

How long do trademarks last

No, trademarks aren't valid for life and you...
19 Jan 2017 by Ankan Bose

Can a Trademark be lost?

Yes, you can very well lose your trademark...
19 Jan 2017 by Lokesh Sharma

Can I Register an Abandoned Trademark

A trademark is abandoned when the owner stops...
19 Jan 2017 by Ankan Bose

Is a Trademark Registered in India Valid Worldwide?

Trademarks are valid only in the country where...
08 Dec 2016 by Lokesh Sharma

Does a Trademark have to be Registered to be Valid?

Registering a trademark is the only foolproof...
08 Dec 2016 by Ankan Bose

What is the Process of Trademark Transfer in India?

The Process of transfer of trademark is...
08 Dec 2016 by Manmeet Singh

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Thumb rsz startup  1

5 Ways To Manage Your Startup

Startups are business entities in their formative years, with a prime focus on expansion and maintaining the pace at which it is presently running.The entrepreneurs mainly focus on ideas and measures which promotes a healthy work culture and professional
01 Nov 2016 by Lokesh Sharma