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Frequently Asked Questions

How to decide a Trademark for your business?

It is essential to choose a trademark which matches your business requirements and is unique. You can either use a word, colour, symbol or logo as a trademark for your business. Before filing a trademark make sure:

  • The mark can distinguish between goods and services.
  • It should not include any generic word(s).
  • It should not confuse people or match any famous brand.

Is it mandatory to register your Trademark?

Well, there is no such provision mentioned in the Trademark Act, however; it is always better to register your trademark since it provides you exclusive rights to use the mark and take legal action against any third party use.

Why do you need to use Trademark Watch?

A Trademark is your business identity which needs to be protected from unauthorised use. Trademark Watch will help you know the current status of your application, check if there’s a visually similar logo matching your trademark and update you about the same.

What if your trademark is similar to another trademark?

There are chances that your application might get objected in case your trademark is similar to an already registered one. This also depends on how famous the registered trademark is because the other party will have the benefit of prior use.

What does it mean when your application status shows as ‘Opposed’?

The trademark application reflects as ‘opposed’ when a third-party opposes the registration of your mark due to similar traits from an already registered mark.

In this case, you can present a counter-statement to the registrar clearing all the pertaining doubts in the context of your trademark.

Can a trademark be refused by the Registrar?

Yes, a registrar can also refuse the registration of your trademark in case he/she is not satisfied with the authenticity of your mark. Sections 9 and 11 of the Trademark Act also justify the reasons for which a trademark can be refused.

CHow long does it take for a trademark to get registered?

The minimum time required for a trademark to register is 1 year; however; in some cases, this might take a bit longer.

What are the advantages of Trademark Watch?

It allows you complete monitoring of your trademark through regular updates in case any new application is filed with similar trademark. This will help you to quickly respond to all the conflicting marks and protect your trademark from third parties.

What is Trademark Application Status?

Trademark Application Status is the different stages of reviewing the application for its authenticity or any similarities. This gets updated each time the application moves forward in the registration process.

How can you keep a watch on your Trademark Application?

The application number provided for your post submission is used to track the status of your application. At times, you might need to take action on the status such as in case of objection, opposition, formalities check fail or refused.

What are the different trademark application statuses?

Every trademark application undergoes the different stages of registration like sending to Vienna codification; formalities check pass, formalities check to fail, marked for the exam, objected, refused/abandoned, advertised before accepted, accepted and advertised, opposition, withdrawn and removed.

What does it mean when your application status shows as ‘Objected’?

When the examiner raises objections in the context of registration of the mark, then your application status reflects as ‘Objected’. These objections can be raised for various reasons like the false specification of goods/services, deceptive marks or any identical marks.

Is it mandatory to hire a trademark attorney?

No, it is not necessary for an applicant to hire a trademark attorney, but in case his/her trademark is objected or opposed then it is always better to take professional advice.

Trademark Attorneys also help in preparing the objection/opposition reply to be presented in front of the Registrar.