How to Choose a Name for private Limited Company?

Name of a company is something which needs to be unique, desirable and one of its kinds to make it stand out from the rest. Hence, there are specific guidelines for choosing a name for Private Limited Company. Search for the company name can be freely performed online on or on MCA website. Lawyers and CA/ CS charge fee for this service.

Before you finalise the name for your company it is recommended to conduct a search in the Company database for companies with a similar name. The process of getting name approval costs 1000 INR with a single application.

and hence,

a search is conducted for registering a valid company name :

1. Check the availability of the Company name

Name of the company needs to be unique for it to obtain approval from the registrar of the companies. Say if you want to register a company with a name Raj Private Limited company; the name will be rejected based on the fact that it is not a unique enough name and hence you will get resubmission from the registrar.

Note: In a single RUN service you can file a maximum of 2 resubmissions.

2. To check Similar or Exact matches with Existing Trademark

Company name registration is not possible if there is an existing trademark with a similar name

For instance, if you want to register a mark with name Apple private limited company and the same is a registered trademark it will be rejected as a proposed name.

What to consider before selecting the name?

There is a preferred format in which the MCA wants you to name the company;

Unique Component + Descriptive name + Private Limited.

e.g. (Jasper) + (InfoTech) + (Private Limited)

The unique component needs to be creative, imaginative, and distinct in nature.

The descriptive name defines your business in brief and gives perks of your work/business. It is much simpler now and convenient to decide a name for your company.

Once you choose the name, MCA will ask for the significance and the main objective behind that name which is to be submitted in one or two sentences.

However, you can suggest two names in order of preference for your enterprise if you are registering through RUN but in the case of the newer & faster process under SPICE-32, you can only suggest one name.

How to Perform Private Limited Company Name Search

Anyone can perform a company name search for free on Quick Company's Company name search tool; this page will provide information regarding all company registered with MCA. Alternatively, the search for a company name can be performed on the MCA website.

What is in a Company Name?

Well, a company name need not be a brand name but it is a name that is the base of the brands that the firm manufactures. Do you know what is Jasper InfoTech Private Limited? But you know Snapdeal. So, this denotes that the company name can be different from the brand names which makes it much easier to decide the company name for Private Limited.

But, there are definitely some conditions that need to be followed, to start with the Don'ts that are to be taken care of:

  • Do not choose names that are identical or similar to other existing names.
  • Do not choose an undesirable & offensive name.
  • Make sure that the name is not Generic.
  • The name should not contain another country's name, and also, the word "state" is not permitted.
  • Do not use the word "British India" as it is not approved by MCA.
  • The names that imply patronage are not allowed as well.
  • Do not use any name that is associated with the Embassy or consulate or foreign government.
  • Do not use short-forms or Abbreviations in the name.

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