How to Find Out if a Brand Name is Taken?

A brand name serves as an identity to any business and is often very important to most of the entrepreneurs. Before naming your brand, it becomes necessary to conduct a trademark search to know if it is already taken by someone.

Branding is the key to stable growth and helps to engage more audience into the business. With a brand name, one can identify the products or services of a particular company and build trust with the customers. For securing your brand, it is necessary to know about the complete process so that you are aware of the pitfalls that might come your way.  

The Trademark Act of 1999 has made it compulsory to register the trademark before initiating a business. One can apply for a trademark either at the registered offices or apply online. Since a trademark represents your business, it must always be distinct and checked for its reliability.

Naming a Brand: How to make your mark different?

Trademark is an essential asset to any business and must be decided very carefully. Before applying for a trademark, it is safer to conduct a trademark search so that you are aware of the possible trademarks that are already applied. Trademark search displays all the similar trademarks to the one you want and protects you from the possible outcomes of infringement.

It will search from the entire trademark database so that you know what the status of the similar trademarks is and what you need to avoid while deciding on your mark. The database includes all the applications which are registered, objected, opposed or expired. You can also check the trademark class so that you get the exact class under which your products or services fall.

How to get ideas for naming a brand

There are different parameters in a brand name search which makes your proposed brand name secure of any infringement. One can also search on IPIndia to know the distinctiveness of your mark. Below are the categories under which a trademark search can be performed.

  • Word Mark –searches all the similar brand names.
  • Vienna Code –searches for similar artistic creation.
  • Phonetics – searches for all the similar sounding words.

Applying for a new brand

Based on the comprehensive trademark search results you can make a decision on a distinct trademark for your business. Once you have a trademark which passes the initial stage of trademark search you can apply for its registration before anyone else does.

The complete process of trademark registration can be tracked online once an application has been filed. A form TM-A needs to be duly filed with all the relevant details and has to be submitted either online or at the registered offices along with the required fee.

Before finally getting published in the trademark journal application is reviewed by the registrar. There are different stages of a trademark application like trademark examination, advertise and opposition. For the trademark to get registered it is necessary to clear all the stages successfully.


Selecting a brand name can be a task for many. However, trademark search results guide the applicant towards a safe and distinct trademark. Be it a logo, name or a symbol it has to be something relevant to the products or services that will be marketed under the brand name.

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