How to Prepare Trademark Search Report?

Trademark Search Report is prepared for brand name selected by you for product or services. The search report will be based on the product description and will provide you with data on the availability of the mark in the classes listed.

"Trademark search report is a comprehensive search result for your trademark"

Trademark search is important nowadays for individuals and companies seeking to register their brand name and also is important for a company name selection process that is one of the initial steps in company registration.

Why Conduct the Need of Trademark Search?

The trademark search will help you determine the availability of the marks, the status of any similar mark applied or any other relevant information that is supposed to help you come to a conclusion about the brand name, logo or combination of both.

Instead of conducting all the wild card searches consult QuickCompany Trademark professionals will guide and provide you with an easy and one-click solution for trademark search.

Have You Ever Wondered How Your Trademark Search Report is Prepared?

Your whole comprehensive trademark search report has been broken down into the various segment. Trademark are registration is based on the class your product or service falls into. Hence, the trademark search will provide you with information like date, trademark office and class of the trademark in the search report.

Well Here Is How You Can Generate Trademark Search Report Yourself

Step-1: Log onto QuickCompany website and select Trademark icon from the page.

Step- 2: Select a Trademark search from the drop-down menu, click on the second icon available below the search bar.

Step-3: Enter your brand name in the search bar and press enter. The trademark search will provide you with all similar and identical phonetically or exact are provided to you. The page will provide you with all the possible information from every 45 TM classes.

Step - 4: You can download the given search report on your device by selecting the download search report option available on the right side of your screen.


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