How to Monitor Status of Your Trademark?

Trademark watch is something that is used by businesses around the globe to keep a check on brand names or logo similar or identical to their trademark that is registered or applied.

Many companies understand how important it is to include branding strategies while building a reputation in the marketplace. It is important to safeguard these strategies as well, your intellectual property. Trademark protection is one way of stopping your competitors from copying your brand building strategies and reaping the benefit of your labour and creativity.

The companies nowadays in order to stay ahead of their competitors come up with new and highly differentiated product and services. These products often involve intellectual property that is beneficial for them and their product and hence requires protection.

What is Trademark Watch Service?

Trademark is considered a unique creation of your brand and hence we have designed technology that will generate watch parameters, which can easily be customised by you.

The service act as an important and proactive tool to manage all the possible trademark infringement and this can also help you nip them in the bud itself.

Why Trademark Watch Service with Quickcompany act as a Better Solution?

  • A user-friendly interface where you can manage your intellectual portfolio, this will provide you with every possible solution for trademark infringement.
  • Can timely provide highly relevant search results and trademark status report.
  • Will help you in what to watch scenario as it is confusing to mark a parameter to start your trademark search in such a large geographical area.
  • Generally, Trademark watch service only includes watch over plain word marks or logos but QuickCompany Image trademark search makes it possible to track all possible infringement including infringement on device marks as well.

This proactive monitoring is the only possible solution to trademark infringement and a reasonable way to nip this duplication in the bud.

Services We Offer

  • All India Trademark Watch

This service monitors any trademark filing activity. You can follow the trademark or companies and receive alerts for any trademarks filed by a third party that you might be interested in. The service watches for their applications in every trademark office.

  • Online Brand Monitoring

Our comprehensive trademark search will help you monitor any possible trademark infringement online. Trademark infringement for your logo or image can also be detected through our trademark image search.

  • Trademark opposition for Infringed Mark

Concerned about possible trademark infringement our cutting edge technology and expert trademark professionals will help you find a solution for the infringement. 

They will help you draft an opposition document that is to be filed with the trademark office.

  • Company Name watch

The trademark watch service monitors the company trademark name registration or commercial name published on the MCA site. 

Managing the Watch Result

Companies with a large amount of intellectual property have difficulty in sifting through the clutter that the trademark watch result provides and hence all the relevant result provided by QuickCompany trademark watch service is going to help you manage all the result efficiently.

Trademark watch is conducted with the underlying purpose of enforcing one's trademark rights either through filing opposition against the registration of published marks or through trademark infringement suit. 

The Need of Trademark Watch

  • Trademark examiners are not able to look into every possible infringement, and hence it acts as the best possible solution for trademark infringement.
  • Will also help you in covering all your bases, so that you do not register a mark that might result in a trademark infringement suit in future.

The Significance of Trademark Watch

  • Trademark monitoring ensures that the rights over the registered trademark remain in your favour.
  • It helps to manage trademark clutter for governmental authorities too.
  • Trademark attorney and trademark proprietor are in great need of managing this clutter and maintain the protection of their marks, logos and device.

Types of Trademark Watching

Trademark watching will monitor for potentially paradoxical applications and will typically be one of the following:

  • Identical Trademark Watch

Identifies trademarks or devices such as logos that are visually or phonetically identical

  • Similar Trademark Watch

Recognises identical and confusingly similar marks that have filed trademark application or have completed the trademark registration process.

Both of the above types of trademark watch can be swiftly provided in a single click. 

Trademark watches service can be provided with the filing of an opposition proceeding with the trademark office by an attorney.

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