How to get Domicile Certificate in West Bengal?

A domicile certificate is an important document for establishing one’s proof of residency in a particular State. Since the residency is established at the State level, the domicile certificate is also issued by the State Government or the Union Territory, whichever the circumstances may require.

Procedure for getting a domicile certificate in West Bengal: 

It is important to note that each State has a distinct standard procedure for obtaining a domicile certificate. 

Eligibility to obtain a domicile certificate in West Bengal: 

  • The individual applying needs to be an Indian citizen.
  • The individual applying needs to be a bonafide resident of the State of West Bengal.
  • The individual needs to fulfill either of the criteria of living in West Bengal for a continuous period of the previous 15 years or have a permanent residence in West Bengal even if they do not currently reside in it for professional reasons. 
  • Women married to permanent residents of West Bengal are eligible for the domicile certificate even if they do not own a permanent place of residence in West Bengal or are not permanently residing in the State. 

Documentary Evidence and Requirements

In order to obtain a domicile certificate in West Bengal, there are certain mandatory documents that the applicant needs to furnish:

  • Proof of residence: The applicant must furnish any valid proof of residence that establishes that they are eligible for the domicile certificate. These may include proof of land, title deeds, or even proof of a house on rent, such as rent receipts.
  • Proof of Identity: The applicant can establish their proof of identity through any one of multiple documents, including their driving license, Aadhaar card, passport, ration card, elector’s photo identity card, or any other option from the ones listed on the website.
  • Proof of Birth: The applicant needs to establish their proof of birth through either their birth certificate or their secondary examination admit card.
  • Additionally, the applicant needs to have a single, colored passport size photograph that they have attested.

Applying Online for the Domicile Certificate in West Bengal

  • The applicant must visit, the E-District website for the Government of West Bengal.
  • The applicant must register on the website mentioned above or log in to their profile if they have already registered previously.
  • Under the category of “Services under e-District”, there is an option for Local Residence (Domicile) Certificate.
  • Upon such selection, the candidate has displayed the eligibility criteria and the documents to be furnished, as discussed earlier, and the applicant needs to select “Apply”.
  • The applicant has to fill out the application form and upload all necessary documents. 
  • Upon submitting the application, the applicant receives a number that can be used to check the status of the application. 

Domicile Certificate

Once the applicant is accepted under the approved application category, they can obtain the domicile certificate and the acknowledgment number. The certificate is supposed to be issued within a week from the application, and there is no need for renewal. 

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