Trademark Dispute among Rihanna and her Father over “Fenty”

The famous singer, Rihanna, has taken a legal action on her father for using her name to promote his company Fenty Entertainment creating confusion among the customers of her fashion brand.

Rihanna has filed a ‘cease and desist’ lawsuit in Los Angeles on Tuesday (US Federal Court) against Ronald Fenty (her father) claiming that he and his partner have falsely shown her association with the Company (Fenty Entertainment). 

Rihanna Fenty Beauty

She has asked the court to bar the entertainment company to use the name ‘Fenty’ and an unspecified amount for the damages.

Rihanna owns a trademark in US for the name ’Fenty’ and has claimed that the false association has created confusion for the public. She uses the Fenty Beauty brand to sell cosmetics, lingerie and sneakers and is quite popular amongst its customers. 

According to the lawsuit, the firm was started in 2017 in California with a partner named Moses Perkins. However; a press release on the company’s website posted that the firm was launched ‘with’ Rihanna despite that she was not involved in any such activity.

Also, it is claimed that the Fenty Entertainment entered into negotiations for Rihanna to perform in 15 shows in Latin America for $15million without her consent.

Rihanna has a difficult relationship with her father and says that he do not have the authority to act on her behalf or the right to use her mark FENTY. The lawsuit claims that these activities affect the goodwill of the brand and violate advertising, privacy and competition laws.

However; there is no statement received from Fenty Entertainment till now. 

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