A Copyright Claim Against Pro-Trump Video for ‘Dark Knight Theme’

President Donald Trump has received a copyright claim for his 2020 pro-Trump video from Warner Bros for using the score of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

With the re-election announcement in the US, every political party in the country is trying its best to win the elections and its control. However; with the intention of promoting himself for the re-elections Donald Trump ended up in a copyright claim from the famous entertainment company Warner Bros.

We all know how popular Warner Bros, company is with people due to its several great characters and movies. Warner Media is a parent company shared by CNN and Warner Bros. and is owned by AT&T Inc.

‘The company claims that the use of Dark Knight Rises score in the video was unauthorized’. Also, they are working to remove the same through appropriate legal channels.

The 2 minute video was posted on Donald Trump’s twitter handle with a caption ‘Make America Great Again’ and the video was taken down by twitter with response to the complaint of the copyright owner (Warner Bros).

The dramatic music playing alongside the video is taken from ‘The Dark Night Rises’ and the song from Hans Zimmer’s (composer) is Why do we Fall?

One of the campaign assistant had told CNN’s Jim Acosta that the Trump Campaign did not make the video; it was made by a supporter.

‘We like to share content from diehard supporters and this is another example of how people support the President’.

The video had almost 90,000 likes and 29,000 re-tweets within one day of posting it online. But later, it was blocked from all the major sites like Twitter and YouTube. ‘This media has been disabled in response to a report by the Copyright owner’ the video now reads.

After all this mess, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale tweeted that ‘it is sad to see a @ ATT owned company pull such a great video made by an everyday American in good fun’.

The video highlighted the clips of the critics, former president Barack Obama and his opponent in 2016 Hilary Clinton.  

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