Extorters use YouTube Copyright Claim for Money

Recently, YouTube has removed the channel of an anonymous blackmailer who was found to be asking money from the users by going against its copyright claims.

Content ID Claim is a way by which YouTube protects the authenticity of all its content uploaded by the users. These claims are often issued by the concerned music companies, movies, shows, games or other relevant material.

The content owners can set a Content ID which will block that piece of material from YouTube when any claim is made or they can even let the video be live.

Considering this, YouTube terminated the channel of an extorter who was blackmailing Kenzo and ObbyRaidz for putting copyright strikes on their channel videos (which predominantly featured them playing Minecraft). They started receiving messages to send money in exchange of the claims that their channel had received. 

The extorters also threatened them by claiming that if they fail to pay the money then the channel will receive a “third strike” which meant that the YouTube channel will get terminated.

Kenzo and ObbyRaidz were demanded $75 to $400 to be sent via PayPal account or to a Bitcoin Wallet stating that the strikes will be removed after receiving the money. Following this, Kenzo took the help of social media to find the culprit.

YouTube replied to the posts online saying that the copyright claims against him are abusive in nature and they have restored the video which was taken down due to the copyright strikes. 

Also, YouTube has terminated the extorter’s channel quoting that they have zero tolerance towards fraudulent legal request. However; as of now, Google has not presented any official statement in this regard.

Though the issue have been resolved there is no such name that has come into light as of who was extorting the money or how many times this anonymous person has extorted money from similar people.

In the latest video on YouTube, ObbyRaidz has said that the entire system is broken because anybody can do it. It is so easy to terminate somebody’s channel by striking a few of the videos.

He believes that YouTube has tried to cover all this by deleting the extortionist’s account as this can happen with anybody in the future and higher authorities should do something effective to bring all this down.

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