FSSAI Goes Serious Over the ‘Fake Content’ on Food Safety

The Food Safety and Standard Authority in India is concerned about the false content including videos that go on the Internet deteriorating the quality of food and creating confusion in public minds.

The concerns of the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) reached out to The Information Technology (IT) Ministry which now has asked the involved companies, websites and famous platforms like Google and Face Book to remove inappropriate content regarding quality and safety of food in India.

fake content

FSSAI has brought to light various instances where fake news was spread on social media handles creating a mess among the people. Few of them include stories of eggs and rice containing plastic content in them.

The latest video is said to be alleging that milk is contaminated with large quantities of melamine and that FSSAI has approved of its sale in India.  The agency has disapproved of the complete statement and called it baseless and incorrect.

The Food Safety and Standard Authority in India is responsible to promote healthy lifestyle, eating habits and is established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It regulates the storage, manufacture, sale, distribution and import of food keeping in mind all the safety measures. 

FSSAI has revealed that an interim report on their recent survey National Milk Quality Survey 2018 was also misinterpreted. The survey included 6400 raw and processed milk samples which were to be tested on quality parameters.

According to the survey, less than 10% of the milk samples were found to be contaminated with a total of 12 contaminants and 4 adulterants. These contaminations were found to be a part of the primary production process.

However; few of the unknown sources twisted the report and circulated false reports.

Mr. Pawan Agarwal, the CEO of FSSAI has voiced out in this issue saying that fake content or news like these creates fear among the people and shakes their confidence in the concerned authorities.

FSSAI has asked the IT Ministry to establish a tracking system which eases the complete process of tracking people involved in such activities. It has also conducted a meeting with the social media representatives to find a solution to these problems.

But, as of now there is no final verdict from anyone involved in this issue. 

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