Eligibility Criteria for GeM Seller Registration on GeM Portal

To establish a market for the procurement of common-use goods and services, the Government introduced the GeM portal, a short version of “GOVERNMENT e-MARKETPLACE”. This portal is under GeM SPV's control, a Non-Profit company registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.

This portal offers the selling and buying of goods and services with more efficiency and transparency, where mainly the buyer is government departments. To access the services of this portal, both buyer and seller need to register themselves as per the GeM rules and guidelines. Let us read more about the Seller Registration on GeM Portal.

How can a Seller Register at GeM Portal?

The primary seller must look into the pre-conditions before registration, which requires:
The seller can be Proprietorship/ Firm/ Company/ Trust/ Society.

  • Name, Address, Bank account details, E-mail ID of the seller
  • Aadhaar/ PAN of Authorized signatory of ITR (as the user).
  • Mobile number connected with the Aadhaar.
  • Proof of constitution can be CIN/ PAN/ DIPP/ UAM/ ITR details.

After the pre-conditions are fulfilled, the user can move forward with GeM registration by following these steps:

  • Visit the Official GeM portal. Click on the “Seller” option.
  • A page referencing “terms and conditions” will open up, read the same and click “accept”.
  • It now redirects the user to the seller registration form for GeM. 
  • Fill in the correct details in the form, such as:
  • The type of registration (Aadhaar or PAN).
  • Name, Aadhaar or PAN number, birth details, address, etc. 
  • It will verify the active mobile number through an OTP.
  • E-mail that will also verify through an OTP.
  • After all the details are entered in the form, enter a password and username and click on “create account”.

What is GeM Registration Fees?

During gem registration, the seller is not required to pay any fees; instead, the concept of caution money has been introduced to instill discipline among sellers. The caution money is to be deposited by all sellers with no exceptions.

The one-time Caution Money deposit for sellers is categorized as:

  • Where Turnover of Seller is less than rupees 1 Crore: Caution Money amounting to Rs. 5,000/-
  • Where Turnover of Seller is more than rupees 1 Crore but less than rupees 10 Crore: Caution Money amounting to Rs. 10,000/-
  • Where Turnover of Seller exceeds rupees 10 Crore: Caution Money amounting to Rs. 25,000/-

What are the benefits of GeM Registration for Seller?

  • The seller can sell his products through an online platform without paperwork hassle. 
  • Multiple invoices can be made for a single order.
  • It can switch prices following the market conditions
  • The seller can get access to the Govt. departments directly and gain information about the government requirements via Annual Procurement Plans.
  • Well-timed payment provision
  • Participation in bids/reverse auctions is simple 
  • Smooth flow of business 
  • Dynamic Support system
  • More business presence with less marketing 
  • Provisions specifically designed for startups/MSMEs/Emporium products.
  • Exemption from ITR during the bid to the seller from the state of North-East and J&K
  • Regulations for purchase are consistent.

In short, GeM is a one-stop marketplace for the seller with easy access to the market through a secure platform with an effortless working model.

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