Cab Users There is Another Rescue in Town: For Your ‘SEWA’!

Commute..Work..Commute..Eat..Commute..Sleep..and then Repeat. Are you a part of the above clan? If yes, There is a new ‘SEWA’ to extricate your commuting ritual.

The 13 days long strikes against Ola-Uber led to the initiation of a new Cab service called “SEWA” by an association of cab drivers, Chaalak Shakti.

The never ending protest against the giants like Ola-Uber actuated due to:

  • Unjust Shared Ride
  • Reduced Incentives
  • Increased Commission
  • Penalty Impositions
  • Reduced Fare Price.

The revenues of the drivers instead of climbing the hockey stick curve drastically moved in the opposite direction.

Almost Three years ago, when Uber and Ola stepped into the Indian market, they were all pumped with capital infusion and transferred the incentives to its drivers in the form of perks and subsidies.

There were lucrative offers like extra proportionate fare on completion of five rides or nine rides. Just like all good things comes to an end, even such modest offers got over shadowed with the new tough policies.

There is a drastic decline in the monthly income of the drivers from around over Rs. 1,00,000 to just Rs. 20,000. It has become a challenge for the drivers to make ends meet.

The new service came into existence when over 3,500 cab drivers realised that alone they are mere droplets, if united they can rescue a drought. Their association formulated a new App based Cab Services to put an end to the chronic exploitation.

Some salient features of this App are:

For Cab Drivers:

  • Transparency in Transaction: The fare will be directly collected by the cab driver in his account on a cash basis, instead of involving the app’s account. The facility of E-payment will soon be incorporated.
  • Transparency in Fare: A fair fare will be charged with no escalation at prices during peak time or lack of cabs or odd time.
  • Monthly Subscription: The cab drivers needs to pay a monthly rent of Rs.700 as compared to 25.6% commission paid to Ola-Uber.
  • Ease of Registration: The Drivers can easily apply for the same until 30th March. Post registration, Soft skill development training will be imparted.

For Passengers:

  • Cheaper Fare: A fare of Rs.9 over 5 kms will be charged, which claims to be cheaper than Ola and Uber.
  • Perks: regular customers will get perks like Free rides.
  • Hail and Go: passengers can hail and stop the cab, just like an auto rickshaw.
  • No Bargaining: On boarding the Cab, the driver will enter the unique mobile number in the application. The fare meter will start operating. There is no gush in fare due to any unforeseen reasons.
  • Application access: The App will be made available for both Android and IOS users.
  • Safety Measures: There are a three tire driver verification, a monitoring system to track trips during the odd time and a Saftey Panic Button with a Hooter, in the case of emergency.
This new Commuting Aid Service will commence its operations from 7th April in Delhi-NCR.

Meanwhile, traces of unrest among the cab driver have also been witnessed in a couple of more cities in India.

In Bengaluru, the anguished drivers ravaged Uber’s office during their protest. However, They are mitigating the resources to launch an app of their own, indicating unity among the co-drivers.

Moreover, In Chennai, a similar pattern of a two-day strike of Ola-Uber drivers was noticed.

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