Company Registration Cost in India

Cost of company registration will vary based on the type of company you want to register and the state in which you wish to register your company in. Online Company registration service provider charges Rs10000 (all inclusive) for company registration. CS& CA charges an amount of Rs 50,000 or more for providing the same services.

The company registration process in India goes through a number of steps and only then the company is provided with a registration certificate after which the company can commence its business operation in India.

Company registration cost depends upon the state to state and authorised share capital of the company. Though all the incorporating charges are same, only stamp duty depends upon the state to state. Ideally, a Private Limited Company can be registered @10,000/- (approx) and a limited liability company can be registered @ 8999 (approx).

The companies that are registered in India have to undergo various other compliances as well so that they can begin their operations such as getting a certificate of commencement of business INC-20 A if the company wants to exercise the borrowing powers in future.

Cost of Registering Private Limited Company in India

Company registration involves various steps wherein the person registering the company has to file the required form along with the requisite fees mentioned on the MCA Site.

Now the cost of registering a private limited company can be accurately computed.

1. To get the DSC of Minimum 2 Shareholder as well as directors it will cost around INR 2000/-

2. To apply for the DIN number, 1 DIN number will cost around INR 500/-, and 2 DIN number will cost around INR 1000/-

3. Government fees for incorporating Private Limited Company is 5,400/-

4. Stamp Duty has to be paid for incorporating a company and Stamp duty depended upon the state to state and authorised share capital of the company, on an average, it will cost around 1,500/- for 1 lakh authorised share capital. Moreover there 3 states which have a lot of difference in Stamp duty which is Kerala, Punjab & Madhya Pradesh.

5. Professional Fees, Notarization Cost & Service tax for doing the whole process will cost around INR 4,600/-

Cost For Registering Limited Liability Company in India

For registering an LLP in India the applicant needs to have at least two designated partners with all the required proofs and documents that are necessary for incorporating an LLP.

Steps to Register an LLP in India are as follows:

  • Collection of all the basic documents such as DIN, DSC and registered address proof of the company before you can file for incorporation of the company.
  • If the proposed designated partner of the company does not have the DSC they need to obtain one from a certifying authority
  • The designated partners after the amendment of LLP rules in 2009 are required to have DIN and the same has to be obtained by them
  • LLP company requires to register or reserve its name before filing an application for registration. The name for an LLP can be reserved through LLP Form-1
  • Once the name is reserved the partners are required to file various forms such as LLP-2 for registration of the company, LLP-3 for registering the LLP agreement and once the LLP agreement is accepted the company needs to apply for PAN &TAN.

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