Private Limited Company Registration Cost / Fees

Pvt Ltd Registration costing depends upon the state to state and authorised share capital of the company. Though all the incorporating charges are same, only stamp duty depends upon the state to state. Ideally, a Private Limited Company is registered @13,000/- (approx).

Cost of Registering Private Limited Company in India

Nowadays, All the legal process and registration process is online now. So the bureaucracy is now have relieved because of the online process.

Now the cost of registering a private limited company can be accurately computed.

  1. To get the DSC of Minimum 2 Shareholder as well as directors it will cost around INR 2000/-
  2. To apply for the DIN number, 1 DIN number will cost around INR 500/-, and 2 DIN number will cost around INR 1000/-
  3. Government fees for incorporating Private Limited Company is 5,400/-
  4. Stamp Duty has to be paid for incorporating a company and Stamp duty depended upon state to state and authorised share capital of the company, on an average, it will cost around 1,500/- for 1 lakh authorised share capital. Moreover there 3 states which have a lot of difference in Stamp duty which is Kerala, Punjab & Madhya Pradesh.
  5. Professional Fees, Notarization Cost & Service tax for doing the whole process will cost around INR 4,600/-

How Long does it Take?

The registration process of a Private Limited Company starts in the following steps:-

 Step 1. Apply for  Digital Signature(DSC).

  • Takes around 1-4 days

 Step 2. After having the DSC applicants apply for their DIN number which is mandatory to become the director of the company.

  • Takes around 1-3 days

 Step 3. After having the DIN number, next step is to apply for the Name Reservation of the Company.

  • Takes around 3-8 days (Subject to government approval)

 Step 4. Once company have it name reserved. They can move forward with the registration process of the company.

  • Takes around 5-10 days (Subject to Government Approval)

 Step 5. After a company gets incorporated. Final document and form has to send to the registered office of the company

  • Takes around 3-4 days.

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