FSSAI Registration Cost

Cost of FSSAI application varies based on the category of the application and also on the number of years for which the applicant wants to obtain a licence. Online FSSAI registration costs up to Rs.16,000(all inclusive). Professionals charge up to Rs.30,000 for the same service.

A FSSAI application goes through 4 simple steps of registration. The table listed will provide a preview of the cost that will be incurred while filing an application.

FSSAI Application Cost

For basic FSSAI registration, the applicant needs to submit Form-A to the authorities with the prescribed fees either through physical filing or through online registration.

Basic Registration

  Govt. Fees Quickcompany Attorney/Professionals
New application Rs.100 Rs.1,999 Rs.5000
Renewal Rs.100 Rs.1,999 Rs.5000
NOTE: The cost of the application will go up as the government fees provided is for one year only.

Central Licence

The applicant has to submit Form-B along with all the relevant documents and prescribed fees. A central licence can be taken up by food operators that have a turnover of more than 20 crores.

  Govt Fees Quickcompany Attorney/Professionals
New License Rs 7,500 Rs. 15,999 Rs. 20,000
Renewal Rs.7,500 Rs. 15,999 Rs.20,000

State licence

Small to medium-sized operators are required to obtain the state license these usually involve FBO's with an annual turnover of more than 12 lakh.

  Govt Fees Quickcompany Attorney/Professional
New Licence(Above 1 MT per day production)/Hotels up to 4 Star Rs. 5000 Rs.8,999 Rs.30,000
Below 1 MT production Rs. 3000 Rs.6,999 Rs. 25,000
All Foodservice provider Rs. 2000 Rs.5,999 Rs. 20,000


NOTE: The maximum tenure of all the license/ registration is 5 years. The applicant will have to renew his application again after 5 years.

Physical Filing

Physical filing of the FSSAI application is an alternative way to obtain FSSAI registration. You will have to personally visit the FSSAI authorities and submit the application along with the prescribed fee.

But in the recent order the Food safety and standard authority have made the online registration process easier than before, and also it is free from any hassle.


There is no refund policy for FSSAI registration moreover if the applicant needs to submit any modification in the application he will have to pay the whole government and registration fees. Therefore it is advised to take caution while providing any information about the FBO, before initiating the registration process.

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