FSSAI Registration Process in India

FSSAI registration process is initiated with the filing of Form A and Form B to the Food and Safety department, and if the department accepts the application, the department will issue a registration certificate within 60 days.

To obtain FSSAI License /registration the application goes through 4 simple steps.

Checking Eligibility

Time: 2 hours


Before the application is made the applicant needs to verify his eligibility based on the capacity, turnover and location. The eligibility will then provide the category in which the application needs to be made.

FSSAI Application

Time:1 Working Day


You will then have to submit an application with authority with Form-A or Form B. Form A for simple basic registration and Form B for state and central license.

Application Inspection

Time:1 Working Day

After you have submitted an application along with all the relevant documents with the appropriate authority; they will inspect the application on the following points:

  • List of all the Food Categories
  • Turnover of the Food Business Operator(FBO)

Based on the above categories FSSAI authority can reject or accept the application.

NOTE: The government can also send back the application for edits, and if the same is not filed within 15 days or the application is considered rejected.

FSSAI License

Time: up to 60 days

The government department will take 30-60 working days to review your application and approve the same entirely. Once the registration or licence is granted the food licence of 14 digits will be issued which the labellers, packers, manufacturers and traders need to print on the food packages.

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