How to get FSSAI Registration for Traders

With the emerging food market in the country, there aroused a need to look after the standards of food articles provided in the market. And for this purpose, FSSAI was established to regulate the food business operators in India and prevent various forms of activities that might lead to the spread of unhealthy food to the consumers.

How can FSSAI License be beneficial for the traders?

The FSSAI license can be used by Food business operators (FBOs) in various manners to promote the growth of their business and establish an ethical image in the market. Some of the ways in which FBOs can make the best use of their license are:

  • Increased consumer awareness:

With increasing options for food products in the market, there is the likelihood that consumers might get cheated by food articles that are not healthy or might even be detrimental to the health of the consumer. Here, the FSSAI license can help the consumer to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy options. 

  • Simplified process:

In the age of digitization, it is very convenient to obtain approval from the governmental department for dealing in the food articles. FSSAI licenses can also be obtained through online means after applying along with the requisite documents. 

  • FSSAI mark:

The use of the FSSAI logo provides the upper hand to the FBOs in comparison to those who are not registered with FSSAI. It is a mark of good quality food products and ensures consumer confidence.

  • For Business growth:

The FSSAI license can also be useful for business development, as it can help to build goodwill for the food products. It can also help in obtaining funds from financial institutions.

Process to obtain FSSAI Registration/ License:

Step 1: Click on apply for a new license/registration on the Home page of FoSCoS

Step 2: Click on apply for license/registration

Step 3: Selection of State where premises is located for which License/Registration is required to be obtained.

Step 4: Select the type of business and eligibility for License/ registration. Then click proceed.

Step 2: View Eligibility and proceed further for Filing of the new application form (Form A or B as per the nature of business selected earlier)

Step 4: Enter all the requisite details in FORM A or B (as per the nature of the food business)  

Step 5: Select the type of food product category.

Step 6: Enter Details of communication.

Step 7: Upload the self-attested documents (as required).

Step 8: Apply along with the requisite fees along.

There are some other important aspects of the Food license which the food operators must comply with. This includes maintaining hygienic and sanitary standards in the factory. The hygiene of the workers must also be maintained as per the defined standards by every food operator. The FBOs shall inform the authorities about any changes or modifications in activities. FBOs are under obligation to provide necessary access to the licensing authorities/authorized personnel to their premises. Lastly, it is pertinent to note that the FBOs must comply with all the conditions while operating their Food Business as per the law.

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