How to check Company Registration Status with MCA

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is responsible for maintaining the records of the Private Limited Companies, single owner companies, LLP and Public Limited Companies. All the information about the status of the companies’ administration process is always available on the MCA website, and it is very easy to access all the related data. Here are some methods, which can be used to track the status of the registration process of your company and to check whether the process is complete or not.

By visiting the official website of MCA, you will be able to know about each and every aspect of the company like whether it is an LLP, Private limited company, single owner company or a Public limited company.

The details that are not confidential and can be shown to the public or audience are fairly displayed on the website. The data related to the company that are included in the website usually contains the name of the company, name, and address of the owners, the address of the company, date of incorporation of the company and information about the charges on the company and charge holder as well. 

MCA master data

If you wish to check about any organisation in the MCA master data, you must have the knowledge of the name of the organisation, and it could be either partial or full name to allow the MCA to run a search through its database.

After the successful initiation of the search, the site will display some results for you and then you will have to choose the company’s name you are looking for with their CIN number. If you do not have a CIN number, the records cannot be found and the result you will get is ‘No records found’ for a wrongly entered CIN number.

After a successful research, once you have the profile of the company, you will be able to see the following things on the display, which includes the entered CIN, the Company’s name, registered address, paid up capital, date of balance sheet, number of members, registration number, ROC code, authorized capital, class of company, category and subcategory of company, date of last AGM, date of incorporation, company is listed or not and company status.

All these details are accessible by the public at the official website of the MCA while using the method of MCA master data. This is the easiest method to check the status of company registration on the MCA website. 

Charges on the company

While checking the status of the company, MCA will also check about the charges on the company. By doing this search, you will get to know about the creditors and lenders who have created any charges on the enterprise.

A complete set of information about the charge holder will be visible on the site. The details, which will be displayed after the search is charge creation or modification date, the amount, holder of the charge and the address of the charge holder. Every single detail about the creditors and lenders of the company will be mentioned explicitly on the website of MCA.

Signatory Details

You can also find the details about the directors and owners of the company using the option of the signatory details in the portal of MCA.

The relevant information that will be displayed as the outcome of the signatory details includes the DIN number, the name of directors or owners, address of directors and owners, date of appointment, designation and status of the digital signature. In short, in will contain all the essential details about the owners or partners like the percentage of their ownership.

These details will help you know about the owners of the company. To know about the persons who are leading the business so that you can learn more about them. These methods can be performed simultaneously, and at the same time, you can grab more than one set of information at the same time.

Whenever you want to know the status of a company’s registration process, just check it from the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), and you will find all the information you are looking for!

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