SSI online registration process

Small Scale Industries or SSI can be registered by filing a form at Udhyog Adhaar’s website portal along with owner’s PAN no. and ADHAAR no. to obtain the UAR Certificate which is valid for five years

What is Small Scale Industry (SSI)?

SSI is the industrial undertaking which has one time fixed investment in plant, machinery and other equipment required to set up a small scale industry held either on ownership, lease or hire basis. But the investment does not exceed more than one crore.

Which industries can be registered under SSI?






Rs. 25 Lakh

Rs. 5 Crore

Rs. 10 Crore 

Service Rs. 10 Lakh Rs. 2 Crore Rs. 5 Crore

How to register for SSI?

The registration process for SSI is the same as the procedure followed by MSME

Step - 1: It’s a simple process where the applicant can file the application or authorise an attorney or agent to file on his part. An online form needs to be filed with all the applicant’s details and supporting documents, i.e. ADHAAR card and PAN card at Udyog Adhaar online portal.

Step - 2: On successful submission, a unique code will be sent to the applicant’s mobile number registered to his ADHAAR card.

Step - 3: It will be reviewed by the department, to obtain the Udyog Adhaar Memorandum which will help in obtaining a registration certificate.

SSI Registration is free of cost in India however; if you authorise an attorney or agent to file on your part, then you might need to pay some professional fee.

You can now track the status using the unique number sent after successful submission of the application.

What are the benefits of registering under SSI?

Small Scale Industries is a boom for the Indian market as it helps in the economic development of the country on a large scale. Industries registered under this scheme can avail various benefits from the government:

  • Easy bank loans: industries can get loan easily under 59 minutes under SSI registration scheme up to 1 crore without mortgaging anything in return
  • Concession in electricity bills: there’s a relief in term of electricity bills for the industries having SSI registration
  • Procuring Government tenders: there’s a special preference given by Govt. of India in buying from small industries through govt. tenders
  • Tax rebates: industries registered under SSI can avail various income taxes and capital gains, tax subsidies from the government.
  • Special discounts on Govt. fess: enterprises under SSI is given 50% subsidy for patent and trademark registration
  • Protection against delayed payments: the government grants prot3ection to the industries registered under SSI against the delay in payments from the buyers within 45 days.

What are the objectives of SSI registration?

  • These industries aim at increased production and export along with helping the employment sector of the country
  • It opens new opportunities in terms of obtaining various financial aids from the government which will help in providing advance welfare.
  • It provides flexibility in resources and is more labour intensive
  • To help employ crores of people, it has the added benefit of minimum capital requirements.

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