Trademark Class 15: Musical Instruments

According to NICE Classification, Trademark Class 14 is opted to register a trademark for musical instruments.

The NICE Classification was established in 1957 by NICE Agreement, and it divides marks into 45 different classes by Goods and Services (Classes 1-34 for Goods and Classes 35-45 for Services). The purpose of these classifications is to allow users to seek trademark goods or services into classes most appropriate to their business.


TM Class 15 includes musical instruments and in particular mechanical pianos and their accessories, musical boxes, electrical and electronic musical instruments.


Why Should We Opt For TM Class 15?

You would choose Trademark Class 15 if you were registering any of these types of goods:

  • Mechanical pianos and their accessories
  • Musical boxes
  • Electrical and electronic musical instruments

You would not use Trademark Class 15 if you were registering for:

Related Classes

A related trademark class is one that is related to another class; this is due to the Indian Trademark Office (ITO) has determined that applicants registering within Class 15 may register in these other classes too.

If you are not sure while choosing Class 15 for your product, you also consider the following “Related Classes”: Class 6- Common Metals and Alloys, Class 8- Hand tools and implements, Class 28- Games and Sporting Games, and Class 22- Ropes, Sacks and Bags.

Trademark Registration fees also vary on bases of the Class system. You must pay a separate registration fee for each class of goods and services that you want to register. For instance, if you are going to register a trademark for Pharmaceuticals in Class 5 and Dental Instruments and Apparatus for Class 10, you should pay two separate fees.

It is necessary to choose the correct class at the time of registering a trademark, if you register a trademark in the wrong class, you must start the registration process from the beginning.

List of All Goods Covered Under TM Class 15

  • Musical instruments, accordions, bagpipes, balalaikas [stringed musical instruments], bamboo flutes, bandonions, banjos, barrel organs, basses [musical instruments], bellows for musical instruments, bow nuts for musical instruments, bows for musical instruments, bridges for musical instruments, buccins [trumpets], carillons [musical instruments], cases for musical instruments, castanets, catgut for musical instruments, chin rests for violins, clarionets, clarions, concertinas, conductors’ batons, cornets [musical instruments], cymbals, double basses, drumheads / skins for drums, drums [musical instruments], drumsticks, electronic musical instruments, flutes, gongs, guitars, handbells [musical instruments], harmonicas, harmoniums, harp strings, harps, hats with bells [musical instruments], horns [musical instruments], horsehair for bows for musical instruments, huqin [chinese violins], intensity regulators for mechanical pianos, jews’ harps [musical instruments], kettledrum frames, kettledrums, keyboards for musical instruments, keys for musical instruments, lyres, mandolins, mouthpieces for musical instruments, music rolls [piano], music stands, music synthesizers, musical instruments, musical boxes, mutes for musical instruments / dampers for musical instruments, oboes, ocarinas, organs, pedals for musical instruments, pegs for musical instruments, perforated music rolls, piano keyboards, piano strings, piano keys, pianos, pipa [chinese guitars] plectrums / picks for stringed instruments, reeds, saxophones, sheng [chinese musical wind instruments], stands for musical instruments, sticks for bows for musical instruments, stringed musical instruments, strings for musical instruments, suona [chinese trumpets], tambourines, tom-toms, triangles [musical instruments], trombones, trumpets, tuning hammers, tuning forks, turning apparatus for sheet music, valves for musical instruments, violas, violins, wind pipes for organs, xylophones, zithers.

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