Trademark Application Status: Meaning, Types and How to Check

A Trademark Application goes through various stages where it is checked for any similarities or faults. You can check your TM application status for free through QuickCompany's Search Tool.

What is Trademark Application Status?

Trademark Application Status is the different stages of scrutinising of the trademark application where they are checked for any discrepancies or similarities. 

These are updated on IP India each time your application moves forward in the registration process. 

At times, you might need to take action on the application status. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the complete process. 

Types of Trademark Status in India

New Application

This is the initial stage in the registration process and is reflected when the application details are entered into the database of the Trademarks Registry. 

Send to Vienna Codification 

In case your mark contains any figurative elements (logo) then it is assigned a numerical code as per the Vienna Codification

send to vienna codification

Formalities Check Pass

In case all the preliminary document checks performed by the Trademarks Registry are clear then the trademark application status is reflected as Formalities Chk Pass. 

formality chk pass

Formalities Check Fail 

In case the Registry encounters issues with the details mentioned in the application or as per the provisions specified in the Trademark Law then the status is shown as Formalities Chk Fail. 

formality check fail

Marked for Exam

Each application is assigned to a Trademark Examinerwho examines it for any discrepancies. Marked for an exam means the application is under examination. 

marked for exam


The trademark application status shows as objected when the examiner has raised objections pertaining to the registration of the mark. 

In such a case you need to answer to the examination report within one month from the date of its issuance. 

objected trademark

Refused or Abandoned

Your trademark application status can reflect as refused or abandoned when the Examiner is not convinced with the examination report or even after a Show Cause Hearing

Your application can also be abandoned if you do not reply to the examination report within the prescribed time limit. 

Advertised before Accepted

Your trademark application status is updated as ‘Advertised before Accepted’ in case the Trademark Registrar is not convinced with the nature of the mark. 

Only when the Accepting Officer accepts the application, the status will change to ‘Accepted and Advertised.’

Accepted and Advertised

The Trademark Registry allows the application to be published in the Trademark Journal when the mark is distinctive enough to be considered as a trademark. 


Once the mark is published in the Trademark Journal, it is open for opposition to the general public for 3-4 months. 

The trademark status will be updated as Opposed in case any third party opposes to the applied mark.  

opposed trademark status


At times, the applicant voluntarily withdraws the trademark application if he/she does not wish to fight the opposition case. In such case, the status is reflected as Withdrawn. 

withdrawn status


When your application clears all these stages of inspection, a certificate of registration is issued by the Trademarks Registry to the applicant. The same is updated as Registered online. 

registered trademark


If you do not use your trademark for 5 consecutive years after the issuance of the Registration Certificate or forget to renew your registration, then it can be ‘Removed’ from the Trademark Journal. 

removed trademark

How to Check Trademark Application Status in India?

An application number is mailed to the applicant after a successful filing. This number helps you to track the status of your application. 

Note: Go to the Trademark Status Watch and enter the application number for regular updates on your trademark application.

Conluding Thought

Different status of the Trademark Application Status at times require necessary actions to be taken by the applicant.  You can always consult a professional attorney for responding to the court notices so that you do not miss out on anything important. 

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