Copyright Application Status

The copyright application is checked for any discrepancy in different stages of its registration. You can check the status of your application online through a diary number generated after a successful filing.

The status is updated each time your application goes through the examination. At times, the applicant might also need to take action on the reflected status. You can check the status of your application on the Copyright website. 

Types of Copyright Status in India

Work Awaited

This application status is reflected when the Copyright Office is yet to receive copies of work. It is necessary to submit required documents and work copies within 30 days of applying.

Note: The application can be abandoned if there is no submission of the work copies.


This status is reflected when your application is in the waiting period for 30 days. It is a mandatory stage in the copyright registration process to see if any objections are raised.

Note: This also means that the registration fee is processed successfully.

Formality Check Fail

This status is reflected when there are incomplete documents or samples of work. In this case, a reply is sent to the Copyright Office to rectify all the objections that are raised in the application.

Note: Your application will be abandoned if you do not reply to the objection letter or fail to submit required documents/work copies.


At this stage, your application is scrutinized by the Copyright Examiner for lack of distinctiveness or any incorrect details. However; your work will be successfully registered if no issues are found in the application.

Note: The decision of the registration depends on the Registrar.


The Copyright Examiner issues a discrepancy letter if there are any issues in the application or if it is not in a proper format. The applicant needs to reply to the letter to clarify the issues raised.

Note: The discrepancy letter is sent to the applicant’s address mentioned in the application.


Your application will be checked in context with the reasons mentioned in the reply to the discrepancy letter. The examiner can also call for a hearing or reject the application if dissatisfied.

Note: The applicant has a chance to prove the distinctiveness of his work in the hearing.


The examiner can call for a hearing if he wishes to know more about the work or is doubtful of any of the details mentioned in the application. Such a hearing is conducted before the Copyright Registrar.


A Registration Certificate is sent to the applicant by post on the address mentioned in the application form. The process can take up to 1 year to complete.

Note: The applicant can now use © with the creative works to denote ownership.

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