Procedure of Copyright Registration

Copyright Application goes through multiple stages before its registration like objections, examination and registration and the process can take up to 1 year to complete.

Copyright Application

Time: 3 working days

The applicant needs to file Form-XIV along with all the documents and registration fee. If you are submitting the form physically at the Copyright Office then, you need to submit the fee through a Demand Draft.

Once the application is filed successfully a diary number is issued to track the status of the application.  


Mandatory: 30 days

The applicant needs to wait for a minimum period of 30 days in case any objections are raised against the registration.

If there are no objections the application moves for further examination by the Copyright Examiner. However; in case of an objection, both the parties are sent letters seeking reply to justify the issues raised.

In some cases a hearing may also be called by the Registrar where the registration can either be accepted or rejected.


Your copyright application is checked for any discrepancies, lack of distinctiveness or any incorrect details by the copyright examiner. In case the examiner finds any issue in the application a discrepancy letter is issued to the applicant.

The applicant needs to reply to the discrepancy letter justifying the issues. The registration gets approved if the examiner is satisfied with the reply to the discrepancy letter. However; the examiner may also call for a hearing to decide the registration.


The applicant is informed about the registration once everything gets cleared from the Copyright Department. The applicant can now use © along with his creation.

A copyright registration is valid for 60 years after the death of the Copyright owner.

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