What is Send to Vienna Codification as a Trademark Status?

Send to Vienna Codification appears as trademark application status when your applied logo (figurative elements) is checked for codes as per the Vienna Agreement.

Once your application is submitted in the Indian Trademarks Registry, it goes through different stages of inspection to check the authenticity of the applied mark.

The trademark status is updated online for the applicants’ to check in which stage their application has reached.

Your trademark application will show the status as ‘Send to Vienna Codification’ when the applied mark consists of any figurative elements as a logo.

What is Send to Vienna Codification?

Vienna Code Classification is an internationally accepted standard for logos and the different elements it contains. According to the elements present in a logo, the applied mark is assigned a code under the Vienna Agreement.

send to vienna codification

The application codes are then entered into the Trademarks Management Systems in a specified module. As soon as your application is filed, it is sent to the Vienna Codification in case it contains any elements or a logo.

This step helps the Trademarks Registry to conduct a trademark search for logos to check for its distinctiveness.

After your application goes through this stage, it moves forward for the Formalities Chk.

Need for Vienna Codification

There are various logos which contain multiple elements and it becomes difficult to differentiate between them in case there is no system to create a distinction.

Vienna Codification helps to classify the different figurative elements which form a part of a logo. It is a hierarchical system which contains general to specific every possible figurative element.

The elements are divided into 29 categories with multiple sub-categories.


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