Close a Limited Liability Partnership

Rs 9,999.00. For Winding up / Closure of LLP with ROC

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How long does it take?

7 days

  1. Application Filing

    2-3 working days

    Our legal experts will prepare the application (e-form 24) and documents based on the information provided by you. We will then submit the same with the Registrar of Companies.

  2. Approval from ROC

    3-4 months

    The Registrar will verify all the details and upon satisfaction change the status of the company from active to strike off. The government may take a bit longer to finally issue closure certificate. .

  3. Consultancy

    1 working day

    Our business advisor will guide you through all the process and documents required for closing Limited Liability Partnership.

LLP Closing Cost Breakdown

Consultancy Free
Government Fee 500.00
Stamp Duty 1,500.00
Notarisation 500.00
Professional Fee 6,355.00
Goods and Service Tax 1,144.00
Total Cost 9,999.00

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Documents Required for LLP Closing

Consent Letter

Consent Letter from all the partners and creditors

Indemnity Bond

An affidavit by company director separately while filing strike-off with form STK-4

Assets and Liabilities

Statement of all the assets and liabilities are required


Report on assets value

ITR Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of Income Tax Return

What do you get


Challan along with acknowledgement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you close a LLP?

A LLP can be closed in two ways –

  • Declaring the company Defunct
  • Voluntary or Compulsory Winding up of LLP


What is the time limit to file the closure documents with registrar?

The closing document has to be filed within 30 days from the date of signing of the assets and liabilities statement.

Is appointment of a liquidator mandatory for winding up an LLP?

In case the LLP has liabilities and assets, it is mandatory to appoint a provisional liquidator or liquidator from the panel.

What is the process of closing a LLP?

The process for closing a LLP depends on the method of closure. In case you wish to close your LLP voluntarily, then you need approval of at least 3/4th of total number of the partners. Liquidator is mandatory in voluntary closure. If the closure is compulsory then an application (e-form 24) is to be submitted with attached documents to the ROC. The department will verify the details and issue closure certificate.

What are the reasons for closing an LLP?

There are following reasons for closing a LLP –

  • If the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) wants closure.
  • In case the LLP has less than two Partners extending for more than six months.
  • Closure by a tribunal is also affected if the LLP is not in a state to pay its debts.
  • Often closure is lead by the court when the LLP has acted against the integrity and sovereignty of India or violated the security of the State.
  • If an LLP fails to file the Statement of Account & Solvency (SAS) or the LLP Annual Return with the Registrar for five continuous financial years.


How long will it take to close my LLP?

Usually, it can take up to 7-8 months to finally receive a certificate of closure for your LLP. The registrar of companies verifies all the details and only then issues the certificate.

Is it necessary to close your LLP?

Yes, if your company is non-operational from past 1 year or not able to maintain its financial responsibilities then it is always better to close the company than to pay penalty each year.