Industrial Gases Companies in Meghalaya

Manufacture Of Chemicals And Chemical Products
Manufacture Of Industrial Gases (Includes Manufacture Of Elemental Gases, Liquid Or Compressed Air, Acetylene Refrigerant Gases And Mixed Industrial Gases Etc.)

Byrnihat Oxygen Private Limited

CIN: U24111ML1996PTC004809
2 Directors
Rahul Lohia, Rohit Lohia
  • Incorporated on 10 July 1996
  • Industry Industrial Gases

Harsdeodas Jagannath Private Limited

CIN: U24111ML2005PTC004277
  • Incorporated on 18 November 2005
  • Industry Industrial Gases

Meghalaya Air Products Private Limited

CIN: U24111ML2003PTC007010
  • Incorporated on 22 January 2003
  • Industry Industrial Gases