Mixer Grinder Appliance With Self Locking Mechanism

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The present invention relates to a mixer grinder appliance with self locking mechanism, comprising jar [1] with a support part [1b], base portion [3], at least one protruded lock [7] provided on the support part [1b] of the jar [1] and at least one pathway [5] provided on the base portion [3]. The protruded lock [7] is provided with a cavity [8] and the pathway [5] is provided with a lock projection [6] accommodated in a slot. The support part [1b] of the jar [1] automatically locks with the base portion [3] by locking with the cavity [8] of the protruded lock [7] with the lock projection [6] of the pathway [5] to lock the jar [1] and the base portion [3]. This self locking mechanism ensures safe seating and locking of the jar with the base portion of the mixer grinder appliance.


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