Voltage Intensity Based System For Non Invasive Glucose Monitoring Using Nir And Method Thereof

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VOLTAGE INTENSITY BASED SYSTEM FOR NON-INVASIVE GLUCOSE MONITORING USING NIR AND METHOD THEREOFThe voltage intensity based system for non-invasive glucose monitoring in the blood by using NIR radiations at body site as per user defined condition. The system comprising of at least one sensor unit, at least one signal conditioning unit, at least one microcontroller unit and at least one communicating device connected either wire or wirelessly to the microcontroller unit. The system estimates the glucose level in the blood of the user by reflecting the NIR radiations from the dermis tissue and then by measuring the variation in the intensity of reflected NIR radiations with or without occluding the blood in the dermis tissue layer of the skin of the body. During the intensity variation the processing unit of the system uses the list of preset data values stored in the memory unit of the microcontroller which is obtained by using the long machine learning process.


Application ID 1642/CHE/2014
Date of Application 2014-03-27
Publication Number 52/2015


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