Videozapping 3 With Label

As on 18 July 2019

Videozapping 3 With Label is a Word Trademark filed on 29 March 2006 in Chandigarh through Delhi IP Office.

The Trademark was registered to Palmerston Limited Body Incorporate .

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Videozapping 3 With Label



Application ID 1440572
Status Withdrawn
Date of Application 29 March 2006
Class(es) 38 , 41 , 35 , 28 , 9 , 16 , 42
Type Word
Registration State Chandigarh
Country United Kingdom
Details Electronic And Telecommunication Transmission Services; Transmission Of Data Documents, Messages, Images, Sounds, Voices, Text, Audio, Video And Electronic Communications And Data And Information By Electronic, Computer, Cable, Radio, Radiopaging, Teleprinter, Teleletter, Electronic Mail, Facsimile Machine, Television, Microwave, Laser Beam, Communications Satellite, Microwave Link, Terrestrial Means, Cable, Wireless Or Wirelink System Or Other Communications Means; Provision Of Multi Media Information And Interactive Multimedia Services; Provision And Operating Search Engines; Consultancy Services Relating To Data Communications; Transmission, Provision Of Display Of Information For Business Or Domestic Purposes From A Computer Stored Data Bank; Electronic Mail Services; Telecommunication Services Relating To The Internet; Telecommunication Of Information (Including Web Pages), Computer Programs And Any Other Data; Providing User Access To The Internet (Services Providers); Providing Telecommunications Connections To The Internet Or Databases; Teletext Services; Telecommunication Gateway Services; Provision Of Telecommunication On Line Access And Links To The Internet And Intranet; Consultancy, Provision Of Information And Advice Relating To The Foregoing; All The Aforesaid Services Also Provided On Line From A Computer Database Or From The Internet Arranging And Conducting Of Conferences, Exhibitions, Competitions And Quizzes; Organization Of Exhibitions For Cultural Or Educational Purposes; Organization And Sponsorship Of Competitions; Arranging Of Workshops; Arranging And Conducting Of Seminars; Provision Of Training; Publication Of Books And Texts; Entertainment, Television Entertainment; Broadcasting Services; Education And Entertainment, Sports And Leisure Services In The Nature Of Planning, Production And Distribution Of Live Or Recorded Audio, Visual Or Audiovisual Material For Broadcasting On Terrestrial Means, Cable, Satellite Channels, The Internet, Wireless Or Wirelink Systems And Other Means Of Communication; Provision Of Information Relating To Television And Radio Programmes, Entertainment, Music, Sport And Recreation; Information Relating To Entertainment Or Education Provided On Line From A Computer Database Or The Internet Or Via Terrestrial Means, Cable, Satellite Channels, Wireless Or Wirelink Systems And Other Means Of Communication; Electronic Games Services Provided By Means Of The Internet Or Via Terrestrial Means, Cable, Satellite Channels, Wireless Or Wirelink Systems And Other Means Of Communication; Providing On Line Electronic Publications (Not Downloadable); Publication Of Electronic Books And Journals On Line; Box Office Services; Ticketing And Event Booking Services; Teletext Services; Gaming Services, Betting, Lottery And Gambling Services; Organisation Of Promotional Activities Through Audio Visual Media; Information And Advisory Services Relating To Education And Entertainment; Consultancy, Provision Of Information And Advice Relating To The Aforesaid Services; All The Aforesaid Services Also Provided On Line From A Computer Data Base Or From The Internet? Commercial Or Industrial Management Assistance; Commercial Or Industrial Information Agencies; Advertising And Promotion And Related Services; Rental Of Advertising Space; Television Advertising Commercials; Compilation Of Advertisements For Use As Web Pages On The Internet; Preparation And Presentation Of Audio Visual Displays For Advertising Purposes; Dissemination Of Advertising Matter; Business Information Services; Receipt, Storage And Provision Of Computerised Business Information Data; Marketing Studies; Business Planning, Business Appraisal; Business Management; Business Administration; Office Functions; Marketing And Business Research; Compilation Of Business Statistics And Commercial Information; Providing An Online Interactive Bulletin Board; Auctioneering; Retail Services; Department Store Services; On Line Retail And Department Store Services; Advice And Assistance In The Selection Of Goods And Services; Consultancy, Provision Of Information And Advice Relating To The Foregoing Games And Playthings; Gymnastic And Sporting Articles Not Included In Other Classes; Decorations For Christmas Trees Electric, Electronic, Photographic, Cinematographic, Optical, Signaling, Checking (Supervision) And Teaching Apparatus And Instruments; Television Apparatus And Instruments; Telecommunications Equipment; Electronic Devices For Receiving Television And Global Communication Network Transmissions And Transmitting Them To A Television Or Other Display Device And Computer Programs For Use Therewith; Optical Disc Players And Computer Programs Therefor; Magnetic Data Carriers, Smart Cards, Encoded Cards, Data Cards; Recording Discs; Apparatus For Recording, Transmission Or Reproduction Of Sound, Images, Data; Calculating Machines; Telecommunications Apparatus And Instruments; Facsimile, Telex, Telephone, Telegram, Data Acquisition Installations, Apparatus And Instruments; Computer Programs; Computer Software And Programmes; Computer Software And Telecommunications Apparatus (Including Modems) To Enable Connection To Databases And The Internet; Operating System Programs; Computer Software And Networking Hardware For The Facilitation Of Interactive Multimedia Communications; Computer Software For Use In Creating, Editing And Delivering Textual And Graphic Information Via Computer Communication Networks; Computer Programs For Digital Publishing, Printing, Imaging, And Electronic Document Storage, Manipulation, Transfer And Retrieval; Computers, Handheld Computers; Computer Programs For Managing Communications And Data Exchange Between Handheld Computers And Desktop Computers; Computer Hardware And Computer Output Devices, Printers, Image Setters, Copiers, Proofers, Platemakers, Printing Presses And Screen Displays; Digital Wireless Telecommunications Hardware And Software; Downloadable Data Including Publications And Software; Computer Software And Publications In Electronic Form Supplied On Line From Databases Or From Facilities Provided On The Internet (Including Web Sites); Electronic And Computer Games, Games Programs, Game Cartridges, Entertainment Consoles; Entertainment Consoles Comprising Computer Hardware And Software For Providing Audio, Video, And Multimedia Output; Parts And Fittings For All The Aforesaid Goods Magazines, Printed Matter, Printed Publications, Books, Periodicals Class 42 In Respect Of `Operation Of Ports; Design, Drawing And Commissioned Writing, All For The Compilation Of Web Pages On The Internet; Creating And Maintaining Web Sites; Hosting Web Sites Of Others; Installation And Maintenance Of Computer Software; Provision Of Access To Sites On An Electronic Information Network; Provision Of Access To Various Databases; Leasing Access Time To A Computer Data Base (Other Than By Internet Service Providers); News And Current Affairs Information Services; Hiring, Rental And Leasing Of Electronic Apparatus, Computers, Television And Television Display Apparatus, Set Top Boxes, Computer Programs, Computer Terminals, Monitors, Computer Keyboards, Laptop Computers, Modems, Computer Peripherals, Any Other Internet Devices And Parts And Accessories Of All These Goods; Computer Services; Computer Services Provided Online From The Internet; Consultancy Services Relating To Computer Industries; Locating Of People, Pets And Facilities; Electronic And Online Dictionary, Thesaurus, Restaurant Guides And Hotel Guides; Provision Of Information, Consultancy Services And Advice Relating To The Aforesaid Services; All The Aforesaid Services Also Provided On Line From A Computer Data Base Or From The Internet?


Trademark Proprietor

Palmerston Limited Body Incorporate

Trademark Attorney

Remfry & Sagar

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When was the trademark applied?

The application for Videozapping 3 with label was made on 29 March 2006.

Who is the applicant for Videozapping 3 with label?

The trademark applicant for Videozapping 3 with label is Palmerston Limited Body Incorporate.

In what class is the trademark applied to?

Videozapping 3 with label is applied in class(es) 38, 41, 35, 28, 9, 16, 42.

What is the status of the trademark application?

Application for Videozapping 3 with label is on Withdrawn stage.

What is the application ID of the trademark?

Application Id allotted to Videozapping 3 with label is 1440572.

Who is the trademark agent or attorney?

Trademark agent or attorney for the application is Remfry & Sagar.

What is the type of trademark application?

Videozapping 3 with label filed with the Intellectual property office as a WORD.

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Trademark Registration

Rs 6,499/-
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