As on 24 July 2019

Fliptomania is a Word Trademark filed in Delhi through Delhi IP Office.

The Trademark was registered to Flipkart Internet Private Limited Body Incorporate .


Application ID 2846787
Status Registered
Class(es) 35
Type Word
Registration State Delhi
Country India
Details Retail Services Including Online Retailing; Publicity And Sales Promotion; Organisation Of Exhibitions, Trade Fairs And Other Events For Commercial Or Advertising Purposes; Market Evaluation And Planning Services; Business Management To Support The Commercialisation Of Goods And Services In Connection With E Commerce; Administrative Handling Of Orders Placed Via Electronic Channels; Business Mediation With Regard To Trading In Goods, Including With Regard To Wholesaling; Logistic Consultancy And Planning Relating To Business Organisation; Bringing Together For The Benefit Of Others Of A Variety Of Personal Care And Grooming Products, Enabling Customers To Conveniently View And Purchase Those Goods In Stores, By Mail Order And Via The Internet;


Trademark Proprietor

Flipkart Internet Private Limited

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Who applied for the trademark?

Proprietor of Fliptomania is Flipkart Internet Private Limited Body Incorporate.

What is the class of the trademark application?

Class(es) in which the trademark was applied to is 35.

On what stage is the trademark application?

Status of Fliptomania is Registered.

What is the application number allotted to trademark?

Application number alloted to the trademark is 2846787.

In which category has the Trademark been filed/registered?

Trademark has been filed in the following category:

Trademark Documents
Documents Available
TM Type


TM Status


Trademark Registration

Rs 6,299/-
Trademark Registration