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Milan Floor Cleaner


Trademark Information

Application ID 5823949
Status Objected
Date of Application 25 February 2023
Class(es) 3
Type Word
Registration State Maharashtra
Country India
Details [CLASS : 3] Floor Cleaner preparation; Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use cleaning; polishing; scouring and abrasive preparations; soaps

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Milan Floor Cleaner Device mark 5823949 Trademark


Mohammad Gouse Mohammad Kasim Shaikh


Rupda Darshit Vimal


Examination Report 2023-08-07

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1 Examination Report 15774628    

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trademark's application date?

Trademark was applied on 25 February 2023 with IP India.

Who applied for the trademark?

Proprietor of Milan floor cleaner is Mohammad Gouse Mohammad Kasim Shaikh.

What is the class of the trademark application?

Class(es) in which the trademark was applied to is "3".

On what stage is the trademark application?

Status of Milan floor cleaner is Objected.

What is the application number allotted to trademark?

Application number alloted to the trademark is 5823949.

What is the name of trademark attorney for Milan floor cleaner?

Rupda Darshit Vimal is the Trademark agent/attorney.

In which category has the Trademark been filed/registered?

Trademark has been filed in the following category: