Questar Investments Limited

Questar Investments Limited incorporated with MCA on 25 March 1983. The Questar Investments Limited is listed in the class of publicltd company and classified as Non Govt Company. This company is registered at Registrar of Companies(ROC).

The company has 4 directors/key management personal Bhaskar Bhat, Khushroo Faridun Kapadia, Xerxes Sapur Desai, and Sebastiar Susai.

CIN U67120MH1983PLC029631
Company Status Amalgamated
Registration Number 029631
Date of Incorporation 25 March 1983
Registration State Mumbai
Company Category Company limited by Shares
Company Sub-Category Non-govt company
Class of company Public
Listing status Listed
Date of Last Annual General Meeting 02 August 2008
Date of Latest Balance Sheet 31 March 2008
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Questar Investments Limited


Company Financials

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  • Reserves Surplus
  • Expenses
  • Finance Costs
  • Profit before Tax
  • Board
  • Assignments
  • Director Change
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  • Trade Payables
  • Investments

Contact Information

Bhaskar Bhat

is associated with 11 other companies

Khushroo Faridun Kapadia

is associated with 4 other companies

Xerxes Sapur Desai

is associated with 2 other companies

Sebastiar Susai

is associated with 1 other companies

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Other Attachments
Form 67 -Addendum--010409 in respect of Form 21-250908.PDF01 April 2009
Challan evidencing deposit of amount-010409.PDF01 April 2009


Annual Returns and Balance Sheet
Form 20B-041008.OCT04 October 2008
Other Attachments
Copy of the Court-Company Law Board Order-250908.PDF25 September 2008
Optional Attachment 2-250908.PDF25 September 2008
Other eForms
Form 21-250908.PDF25 September 2008
Other Attachments
Optional Attachment 1-250908.PDF25 September 2008
Annual Returns and Balance Sheet
Form 23ACA-300808.OCT30 August 2008
Form 23AC-300808.OCT30 August 2008
Form 66-300808.OCT30 August 2008
Change in Directors
Form 32-260608.PDF26 June 2008
Other Attachments
Evidence of cessation-260608.PDF26 June 2008
Other eForms
Form 23B-270508.PDF27 May 2008
Other Attachments
Copy of intimation received-270508.PDF27 May 2008
Scheme of Amalgamation-020508.PDF02 May 2008
Copy of Board Resolution-020508.PDF02 May 2008


Annual Returns and Balance Sheet
Form 20B-181007.OCT18 October 2007
Change in Directors
Form 32-270907.PDF27 September 2007
Annual Returns and Balance Sheet
Form 66-210907.OCT21 September 2007
Form 23AC-210907.OCT21 September 2007
Form 23ACA-210907.OCT21 September 2007
Change in Directors
Form 32-110407.PDF11 April 2007
Other Attachments
Optional Attachment 1-110407.PDF11 April 2007
Photograph1-110407.PDF11 April 2007


Other eForms
Form 23B-141206.PDF21 December 2006
Other Attachments
Copy of intimation received-141206.PDF14 December 2006
Annual Returns and Balance Sheet
Form 20B-201106-Revised-1.OCT20 November 2006
Form 23AC-101006-Revised-2.OCT10 October 2006
Form 23ACA-101006-Revised-2.OCT10 October 2006
Form 66-101006.OCT10 October 2006
Certificate of Incorporation.PDF25 April 2006
Incorporation Documents
Certificate of Incorporation.PDF25 April 2006
Other Attachments
AOA.PDF25 April 2006
Annual Returns and Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet 2004_2005.PDF25 April 2006
Other Attachments
MOA.PDF25 April 2006
Annual Returns and Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet 2003_2004.PDF25 April 2006
Annual Return 2004_2005.PDF25 April 2006
Annual Return 2003_2004.PDF25 April 2006


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What is the date of Questar investments limited incorporation?

Incorporation date of the company is 25 March 1983 .

What is the registered company address?

The company registered address is The metropolitanbandra kurla complex bandra e mumbai mh 400051 in.

Where are the documents of the company based?

The documents of the company are based in Mumbai.

In which class the company falls?

The company falls under class Public company.

Is the company legitimate or illegitimate company as per ROC data?

The company status as per MCA is Amalgamated.

What is the classification given to Questar investments limited?

The company falls under the Company limited by Shares as per MCA.

What is the Number of directors in the company board?

Number of directors in the company board are 4.

Questar investments limited has appointed how many directors?

The appointed directors in the company are:

  • Bhaskar bhat
  • Khushroo faridun kapadia
  • Xerxes sapur desai
  • Sebastiar susai

ROC under which the Questar investments limited is registered?

ROC with which the company is registered is RoC-Mumbai.


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