Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited

As on 03 December 2019

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited incorporated with MCA on 08 February 1999. The Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited is listed in the class of company and classified as Non Govt Company. This company is registered at Registrar of Companies(ROC), Mumbai with an Authorized Share Capital of Rs. 8801 CR and its paid up capital is 200 CR.

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited's last Annual General Meeting(AGM) was held on 07 August 2019, and date of latest balance sheet available from Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) is 31 March 2019.

The company has 5 directors/key management personal Bhavna Gautam Doshi, Kaushikbhai Nandubhai Patel, Hiren Karsanbhai Patel, Berjis Minoo Desai, and Maneesh Agarwal Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited company registration number is 118229 and its Corporate Identification Number(CIN) provided from MCA is U26940MH1999PLC118229.

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited company's registered office address is Equinox Business Park, Tower 3, East Wing, 4th Floor,Lbs Marg, Kurla (West) Kurla Mumbai City Mh 400070 In. Find other contact information for Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited such as Email, Website and more below.

The company has reportedly 33 charges associated and 0 documents available for download.

Current status of Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited company is Active.

Company Information

CIN U26940MH1999PLC118229
Company Status Active
Registration Number 118229
Date of Incorporation 08 February 1999
Registration State Mumbai
Company Category Company limited by Shares
Company Sub-Category Non-govt company
Listing status Unlisted
Date of Last Annual General Meeting 07 August 2019
Date of Latest Balance Sheet 31 March 2019

Company Financials

  • Balance Sheet
  • Paid Up Capital
  • Reserves Surplus
  • Expenses
  • Finance Costs
  • Profit before Tax
  • Board
  • Assignments
  • Director Change
  • Board Meetings
  • Trade Payables
  • Investments

Contact Information

Bhavna Gautam Doshi

is associated with 6 other companies

Kaushikbhai Nandubhai Patel

is associated with 1 other companies

Hiren Karsanbhai Patel

is associated with 9 other companies

Berjis Minoo Desai

is associated with 11 other companies

Maneesh Agarwal

is associated with no other company


Jk Lakshmi Cement Ltd And Anr. Vs Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd

  • Case was filed on 28 May 2019
  • Advocate: P & A Law Offices.

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd. Vs Competition Commission Of India

  • Case was filed on 19 September 2018
  • Petitioner Advocates: Shadan farasat.
  • Respondent Advocates: Jose abraham[caveat], Tushar singh[r-1].

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited Vs Union Of India And Anr.

  • Case was filed on 17 March 2015
  • Petitioner Advocates: Amit verma, Ashish shrivastava, Afroj khan, Animesh verma, Soumya rai, Anurag verma.
  • Respondent Advocates: Asstt.s.g..

Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited Vs Financiere Lafarge Sas & Anr.

  • Case was filed on 30 October 2019
  • Advocate: Mohit D Ram.


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over 1 year ago

Paid Up Capital changed from 1500000000 to 2000000000

about 1 year ago

Email changed from to

7 months ago

Balance sheet filed on 31 March 2019

about 1 year ago

Last Annual General Meeting held on 07 August 2019

10 months ago


When was the Nuvoco vistas corporation limited incorporated?

The Nuvoco vistas corporation limited was incorporated with ROC on 08 February 1999 as Company limited by Shares .

What is the registered address of the Nuvoco vistas corporation limited?

Registered address of the company is Equinox business park, tower 3, east wing, 4th floor,lbs marg, kurla (west) kurla mumbai city mh 400070 in.

Where has the Nuvoco vistas corporation limited been incorporated?

The company was incorporated in Mumbai with registration number 118229.

What is the E-filing status of the company?

The status of Nuvoco vistas corporation limited is Active.

What is the Nuvoco vistas corporation limited categorized as?

The company is categorized as Company limited by Shares.

Number of Key Management personnel of the Nuvoco vistas corporation limited?

The company has 5 key management personnel in the company.

Who are the directors of the Nuvoco vistas corporation limited?

The appointed directors in the company are:

  • Bhavna gautam doshi
  • Kaushikbhai nandubhai patel
  • Hiren karsanbhai patel
  • Berjis minoo desai
  • Maneesh agarwal

Which ROC was the Nuvoco vistas corporation limited registered to?

The company is registered with RoC-Mumbai.


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Company Stats

8801 CR


200 CR



Charges Stats
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Amount Due

2428 CR

Amount Satisfied

2497 CR