Cereals And Pulses Companies in Meghalaya

Agriculture , Hunting And Related Service Activities
Growing Of Food Grain Crops (Cereals And Pulses)

Songsni Farmers Producer Company Limited

CIN: U01111ML2023PTC014025
5 Directors
Meton Marak, Jonathon Sangma, Arplin Marak, Kallipson B Marak, Wallengson Marak
  • Incorporated on 28 June 2023
  • Industry Cereals And Pulses

Kyllumlang Agrofed Farmer's Producer Company Limited

CIN: U01111ML2023PTC014035
5 Directors
Mesharlan Shangdiar, Eskingroy Nohriang, Gasparwel Jyrwa, Thiodora Marwein, Tokingland Shangdiar
  • Incorporated on 20 July 2023
  • Industry Cereals And Pulses

Megha Farms Pvt Ltd

CIN: U01111ML1989PTC003336
  • Incorporated on 28 August 1989
  • Industry Cereals And Pulses