Mineral Water Companies in Meghalaya

Manufacture Of Food Products And Beverages
Manufacture Of Mineral Water

K K Beverages Private Limited

CIN: U15543ML1997PTC005018
3 Directors
Rakesh Kumar Surana, Sangeeta Devi Surana, Sainberth Nongrum
  • Incorporated on 19 March 1997
  • Industry Mineral Water

Shakti Beverages Private Limited

CIN: U15543ML2000PTC006212
  • Incorporated on 13 June 2000
  • Industry Mineral Water

King Aqua Private Limited

CIN: U15543ML2000PTC006049
2 Directors
Honsen Lyngdoh, Matilda Rymbai Bazeley
  • Incorporated on 28 February 2000
  • Industry Mineral Water