Processing And Blending Tea Companies in Meghalaya

Manufacture Of Food Products And Beverages
Processing And Blending Of Tea Including Manufacture Of Instant Tea (Activities Of Tea Factories Associated With Tea Plantations Are Classified In Class 0113)

Three Leaves Consumer Products Private Limited

CIN: U15491ML2004PTC007545
3 Directors
Ram Niwas Nowal, Vishnu Nowal, Sweety Nowal
  • Incorporated on 28 September 2004
  • Industry Processing And Blending Tea

Megha Industries & Agro Products Pvt Limited

CIN: U15491ML1997PTC005154
2 Directors
Rajesh Kumar Murarka, Bulmanster Nongsiej
  • Incorporated on 21 August 1997
  • Industry Processing And Blending Tea

Jayanti Tea Private Limited

CIN: U15491ML2006PTC008094
  • Incorporated on 24 March 2006
  • Industry Processing And Blending Tea