Calculation Report

The calculation report measures the analysed key balances and symbols to reserve them in the regular value database table. The defined formulas for basic ratios and other calculations must be recorded on calculation accounts in this calculation report function.

What is the calculation report?

The calculation report calculates simplified key proportions and symbols and reserves them in the table's periodical value. The defining formulas for essential ratios and other calculations are recorded in this function on calculation accounts. Alternatively, can create reports with other types of formulas and calculation accounts. These reports must produce and calculate from the Group Report Formulas menu.

How do I prepare a calculation report?

While preparing a calculation report, a person should follow the below-mentioned steps:
Step One: Specify the accounts for retrieving values from
Step Two: Pointing out the periods to retrieve values from
Step Three: Determine the key degree to be filed on the calculation account.

How do we decide on the formula for the calculation report?

One has to specify the calculation formula used to prepare the calculation report. 
For example, the definition of the formula can be - (A1+A2)/A3*100. A label could be added to the calculation formula, and the label displayed as the report's legend.
Using the data in an official report or a calculated result to correspond with a constant, it is specified that the constant is one variable in this section. In the case of the final calculation report, the constant is presented as a straight line, and one can view the contrast of the data and the baseline.

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