Copyright Registration Checklist

Detailed Checklist for the Copyright Registration

  • It is to ensure that the application is enclosed with prescribed fee by postal order or DD only in favor of ‘Registrar of Copyrights’.
  • The applicant should sign the application (Form XIV) including the Statement of Particulars (SoP) and the Statement of Further Particulars (SoFP) .
  • The mandatory forms that the application should contain are Form (XIV), SoP & SoFP and should be submitted single copy.
  • According to the Copyright Amendment Rule, 2013, copies of Form(XIV), SoP & SoPF needs to be sent by the registered post to every person who claims to be interested in the copyright or disputes the right of an applicant to it.
  • The following are to be kept in concern while forming the Statement of Particulars(SoP)
    1. Details* of the Applicant to be filled up in Column 2:
    2. Clarification is done in Column 3 whether applicant is author/publisher/owner.
    3. In Column 4 appropriate class and description of the work must be indicated.
    4. In Column 5, the ‘Title of the work’ as it appears on the work needs to be mentioned.
    5. In Column 6 indication of all languages of the work.
    6. In Column 7 indication of Name, address & Nationality of the author and if the author is deceased, the date of decease.
    7. In Column 8, whether the work is published or unpublished needs to be mentioned along with the year and Country of first publication (Name, address and nationality of the publisher)
    8. In. Column 11, Details* of the owner of various rights comprising the copyright in the work and the extent of rights held by each, together with the particulars of assignments and license, if any.
    9. In Column 12 names, addresses and nationalities of other persons if any needs to be mentioned, to whom author intends to authorize other persons to assign or license the rights comprising the copyrights.
    10. In Column13 if the work is ‘Artistic’ the location of the original work is included which also consist of Details* of the person in possession of the work.
  • As per Column 14, the application should include a certification from the registrar of Trade Marks in terms of the provision to Copyright amendment Rule, 2013, if the work is an Artistic work which is used or is capable of being used in relation to any goods.
  • In Column 15, if the work is an ‘Artistic work’ and registered under the Design Act 2000, then give Details*.
  • In Column 16, it is to be mentioned whether the work is an ‘Artistic work’ capable of being registered as a design under the Designs Act 2000, whether it has been applied to an article though an industrial process and if yes, give the number of times it is reproduced.
  • Details* about the person whose photographs appears on the work. If the applicant is not the same person then an NOC(No Objection Certificate) is to be submitted. Incase it is a minor then Details* about him/her is to be mentioned.
  • If the work is under a firm, then the firm itself cannot be the creator/owner of that work. Details* of the person who actually created the work is required for the same.
  • Enclosing of a minimum 1 copy of published work and 2 copies of unpublished work(literary). In case of artistic work 2 samples are must and rest 1 sample irrespective if published or not published.
  • If any advocate is filing on behalf of the applicant then POA(Power of Attorney) is to be submitted.

*Details** will include the Name; Address; Nationality

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