How to Register your Blog Name as Trademark

If you run an online blog or an editorial; getting your blog name trademarked is one of the best ways to build brand value and protect it from possible infringement.

A lot of thought and research needs to be done before registering your blog name as a trademark. Let us have a close look at the procedure followed for registering a name as a trademark.

Procedure for registration

Online filing of the application through TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System) is preferred over manual filing due to cost considerations.

The application is filed electronically on the website of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Grounds on which the application is filed

The electronic filing system TEAS requires you to check certain fields which describe the basis of your application.

If you happen to use the trademark in connection with your blog, you will have to tick on the “yes” field. This sub field lies under the main filed of “use in commerce”.

 If the trademark has not been in use but you wish to use it in near future then click on the “yes” tab under the “intent to use” field.

It is also mandatory to mention:

  • Date of starting your blog using the trademark
  • First day of sale of goods or services outside the vicinity of your state.

Classifying goods and services

To identify the exact class representing the goods and services is a pre requisite for registering a trademark.

The guidelines falling under NICE classification can be obtained through the UPSTO website.

The task is not limited to just categorizing your service or product, you also need to provide a detailed explanation of the blog services. So in addition to cataloging your goods/service you are also required to highlight the key services your blog offers.

Recognizing the mark

Trademark can be anything from icons, symbols, logos, labels to a combination of these. It can be an image or a graphical design etc.

The primary task for validating a trademark starts with proper identification of the mark.

 If the mark falls within the valid trademarks under the trademark laws then a statement stating the identification of the mark must be submitted.

While filing for the trademark through online mode (TEAS) ensures you give an apt description in the description box. Along with the name of the mark (in case of words or group of words) or attaching a file in JPG /GIF format (in case of icon, symbol, logo or graphical image).

Details of the applicant

Full details of the applicant needs to be submitted.

  • Type of applicant: a person, an enterprise, collaborative firms etc.
  • mail address
  • website or domain name or the name under which you carry out the business

All of these information needs to be supplied with full care.

Declaration statement

The trademark office requires you to submit a signed declaration certifying that all facts and information given stands true and authentic. The declaration can be signed either by any official of your organization or by you in person.

Submitting disclaimers

Trademarks often contain certain words or axioms that find no protection under trademark law. Therefore the trademark office makes the submission of a disclaimer mandatory in such cases.

Submission of a sample

If the submitted application shows the use of the name in your business it will call for submission of an enclosed sample of your mark.

The specimen will contain a GIF/JPG format trademark which is being used on your blog.

The specimen will be uploaded on the site of the trademark office and would be sent for approval.

Process completion

The entire process of registering, declaring and submitting stands completed once you

  • certify the information submitted,
  • validate your e-signature
  • pay the filing fee

After successful transaction you will receive a confirmation notice along with an email accepting your application with a serial number assigned to you.

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