When you try your best, But you don’t Succeed..
When you get what you want, But not what you need..
When you want a Trademark, But all you get is a Question mark..
When you pray for some sympathy, But what you discover is QuickCompany..

A path breaking solution to all your concerns regarding Trademarks with an instant one click facility across the globe, is no more a trance. This is where Quick Company, an innovation- centric technology startup came for the rescue to fix all bugs.

Intellectual Property Rights awareness has sparked vigorously among the masses. From top notch entrepreneurs, celebs to budding startups all have realized how critical it is to secure their experiments. IPRs are all about the first mover advantage, it not only adds to your intangible assets but safeguards your experiments from infringement.

Government of India has made efforts my providing an online portal to apply for the same. It gets a bit cumbersome to get IPR registrations done through this site.

I wanted to get a Trademark registered. My first approach was to check if my business falls in any of the 45 classes specified by the government. I did manage my way from all odds to reach Public search.

The obvious bugs which startled me were:
· Which category does my business qualify in ?
Is it Wordmark(text) / Phonetic(sound) / Vienna Code (logo)
I managed to select the one suitable for my business type.
· Name search was easy to enter it provides with all the three possibilities i.e. Starts With / Contains / Match with, but I could only select one at a time.
· Class * Enter one at a time , out of 45 classes , firstly to figure out the number of class was a hassle and then the hit an trial took Forever.
· Moreover, Goods Description is still under construction.

Well , that’s not all. Even if you manage to file your trademark application by overcoming all the jargons, you have still have a long journey ahead. The gestation period of the application is about at least 13 months , to get registered with Trademark Registry of India.

The application has to go through multiple screenings. The status of the same is updated against the application number. One has to track down the stages on a daily basis, not to procrastinate the action required, without any imposition of penalty. There are around 14 status updates until you finally get your certificate.

The point in contention is, I am not blaming the government website for being mind boggling rather it’s better to direct our vision only on our “lean revolution” and leave all these hassles for experts.

This is where QuickCompany comes for our rescue. It is a Delhi based Startup which aims at making registrations quick and transparent than never before.

For the First time in India, a company has come up with such an innovative and useful idea. It’s the best Quick Fix ever.

It provides an independent Trademark Search Portal. It provides complete in-house solutions from Name search, class head, filing application, status updates, documents download to final certificate download.

I went on Trademark Search, and entered the initials with which I wanted to trademark my own. Within nanoseconds I had a complete list of all the companies having those initials in its name, which have already been Trademarked under a certain Class; along with a gist of all the classes under which I can apply.

It clearly labels out the ones which are Objected, Abandoned or Registered along with the logo if any. If u click on any specific one it gives u a complete outline of the Registration Details.

It has a very user friendly interface. Have a look:

That’s not all, there is yet another out of the box feature which they have launched. Now u can easily track your favorite trademarks, their status, their journey from just a mark to a legend, you can download documents and a lot more.

The best part about this feature is that there is no bar on the number of trademarks you intend to follow. Just a quick Facebook/Google sign in to authenticate your identity, you get a track of all the trademarks and prompt updates if any.

Let’s have a look at it:


In case you don’t wish to follow, there are other options also available. You can try:

· Download a PDF, which contains all the information

· Check all the Documents available, if any

· Check current Status

· Check the Type of Trademark and class

· Track the activities on a Timeline

This new revolutionary idea of following Trademarks, needs no appraisals it speaks for itself. It provides you with exhaustive outline of all Trademarks. Try it yourself !!!

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