Rules and Regulations by FSSAI for Meat Shops

All shops must apply for registration with FSSAI to operate a meat or slaughter shop and must follow all the guidelines as provided by FSSAI Regulations related to hygiene, transportation, infrastructure, temperature requirements, animal welfare, and all other related aspects. With the help of the FSSAI mark, the consumer can ensure that the product is safe for consumption.

Rules and Regulations as per FSSAI

According to FSSAI, all meat shops are required to follow the set of rules and standards, some of which are mentioned below: 

  1. Requirements for Hygienic practices: 
  • Considering the nutrition, cleanliness, and safety of consumers, it is important to follow the basic sanitary and hygienic practices of meat business operators. 
  • Meat must be stored in cold storage distant from other processed, cooked, and packaged products.
  • The temperature must be considered to maintain the shelf life of the product.
  1. Transportation practice:
  • Where conveyance is used to carry meat. The vehicle must be cleaned and disinfected properly.
  • Where such a product is transferred in bulk, a separate vehicle must be designated for such purpose.
  1. Sanitary Facilities:
  • Proper effluent and waste disposal systems must be installed. 
  • Any waste disposed of must not contaminate potable water supplies.
  1. Maintenance Requirement:
  • All the physical facilities such as equipment, buildings, etc. must be in orderly condition.
  • Rooms where meat is processed or cleaned, must be free from steam, vapor, and surplus water.
  1. Location of Meat Shop:
  • Meat shops must be located away from vegetables, fish, or other markets.
  • Where a meat market is not available, individual meat shops can be set up after considering the hygiene conditions of the premises and the health of consumers.
  • The minimum distance between any place of worship and a licensed meat shop must be 50 meters.
  • There shall be a minimum distance of 100 meters where the meat premise is situated directly opposite to the entry gate of the religious place of any community.
  • The shops located in the vicinity of religious places must have black glass doors to be kept closed except for entry or exit in the shop.
  1. Size of Meat Shops:
  • The size of meat shops can be as per the size of business activities.
  • The height of the shop must not be less than 3 meters. But where the shop is air-conditioned the height must not be less than 2.5 meters.
  1. Ventilation:
  • The shop must be properly ventilated having cross ventilation and may have at least one electric fan and one exhaust fan.
  1. The shop must have a refrigerator maintaining a temperature of 4 to 8 degrees C. or a freezing cabinet where the meat product is to be stored for more than 48 hours.
  2. Meat shops and slaughterhouses also need to provide details of the source of procurement of animals.


The owner of the meat shop must ensure that the prescribed standards are followed and proper hygiene is maintained both inside and outside the shop. If found out that the guidelines/ standards are not properly complied with, the concerned authorities may deny/ cancel the license

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