What is a DSC and DIN?

Below is a descriptive explanation on DSC and DIN:

Digital Signatures Certificates (DSC)

All the documents need to be submitted to ROC online through www.mca.gov.in. Therefore, to sign the documents digitally for authentication, one needs to have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), a digital code, which can be attached to an electronic document to verify the applicant’s identity.

In simple words, it can be understood as a signature which is done electronically. We all do Manual signatures by Pen, but we cannot sign on computers, therefore, to sign any electronic document we need a digital signature. Digital signature looks like the followings.

Digital signatures are protected with a PIN. It takes 1-2 days to get it issued, and it costs around Rs.800/- to Rs.1500/-

Every proposed Director must have a DSC for making an application to obtain the DPIN is Designated Partner Identification Number.

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Director Identification Number (DIN)

DIN is an eight digit number allotted to every director. No person can become a director without first applying for DIN.

It is a unique identification number for an existing director or a person intending to become one, and it is allotted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

In simple words, just like a PAN, DIN is also unique identification number assigned to every individual Director. You need to file eForm for DIN-1 to obtain DIN. DIN is instantly granted upon after the form is uploaded. The cost of DIN is Rs.500/-.

A person can have only one DIN, no matter in how many companies or LLPs he or she holds the position as director.

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