All you need to know about FSSAI License for Milk Products

FSSAI License/Registration is a mandatory requirement for dairy product manufacturers as per the law. Food operators dealing with milk products are required to obtain a License/Registration based on the type and scale of their business. Where FSSAI Registration is required by those having petty food businesses and a License is required by those who are not covered under petty food businesses.

The Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 has provided details of “milk product” in Chapter 2 as:

The product which is obtained through milk processing, such product that may have food additives and some other ingredients necessary for the milk product as allowed in these regulations. It also includes:

  • Chhana, skimmed-milk chhana, paneer; cheese, processed cheese,
  • Condensed milk-sweetened and unsweetened/ skimmed milk-sweetened and unsweetened;
  • Cream, curd, skimmed milk curd, dahi,
  • Ghee, butter oil;
  • Infant milk food;
  • Khoa; Malai;
  • Milk derivatives such as whey proteins, casein, lactose, etc.;
  • Milk ice, milk lollies, kulfi, ice-cream
  • Milk powder, skimmed milk powder, partly skimmed milk powder;
  • Table butter, white butter, yogurt,
  • other products as these regulations may provide

Milk products must not contain any material which is not found in milk unless the regulations specifically provide for that.

Dairy units must apply to which category of FSSAI Registration/License?

Like any other food business operator, the FBOs dealing with Dairy units shall also apply for FSSAI Registration/License in the following categories:

  1. FSSAI Basic Registration-

Where procurement, handling and collection of milk is 

  • up to 500 liters per day or
  • up to 2.5 metric tons of milk solids per annum.
  1. FSSAI State License-

Dairy units, including milk chilling units that are equipped to handle or process milk from 

  • 501 liters per day to 50,000 liters per day or 
  • 2.5 million tons to 2,500 million tons of milk solids per annum.
  1. FSSAI Central License-

Dairy units include milk chilling units that are equipped to handle or process more than 

  • 50,000 liters of liquid milk per day or 
  • 2500 million tons of solid milk per annum

What is the process of filing the FSSAI application form?

  • Sign in or create a login to the online portal (i.e., FoSCoS) 
  • Select the state
  • Click on the appropriate type of business
  • Fill in the requisite details in Form-A (in case of registration) or Form-B (in case of license)
  • Attaching the mandatory documents
  • Make a payment of fees for License/Registration

How long does it take to obtain an FSSAI Registration/ License?

  • Basic FSSAI Registration can be obtained within 7-10 days.
  • State and Central Licenses can be obtained within 30 days.

Do Milk Manufacturers and Milk Products require to submit a Half-Yearly Return?

As per the revised guidelines of FSSAI, FBOs involved in manufacturing Milk/Milk Products are not required to file Half-yearly returns in Form D2 w.e.f. FY 2020-21.

However, such FBOs are required to submit Annual Returns in Form D1 through the FoSCoS portal.

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