FSSAI License and Guidelines for Food Trucks

Food on wheels is the new emerging trend in the country. These days food trucks and restaurants on wheels are gaining popularity on a high scale and as the business is related to food it is necessary to obtain an FSSAI license to ensure the quality of food being provided to the customers.

Becoming the preferred choice of food vendors these days, the food truck business is growing its range in size and mobility in the market. Thus needing different types of registration and license, amongst those is the FSSAI License.

This article focuses on FSSAI Licenses for Food Truck Business Operators.

Essentials of a Food Truck Business:

  • Type of Vehicle to be used 
  • Kinds of Equipment required
  • Raw Material required for business operations
  • Requirement of a minimum number of Staff for smoothly running the business
  • Promotion and advertising details such as the cost involved etc.

Benefits of Opening a Food Truck:

  • Does not require a large investment, 
  • The risk scale is low 
  • Resources are required in small quantities
  • Easy to reach targeted customers
  • It can be a great path towards gaining experience 

Requirements for Permits/Registration/Licenses Food Truck Businesses:

  • Licensed by FSSAI (in accordance with their turnover)- to ensure the quality of food is not unhealthy for the consumers
  • Fire certificate - As gas appliances will be used in the business operations
  • Vehicle license - business is being run through transport and thus requires valid registration of the vehicle
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): required from both Municipal Corporation and RTO.
  • Eating House License: to be obtained by the city's police commissioner.
  • Business License - to run the business from a state licensing organization to legally register the business
  • Sellers permit;
  • Food handlers permit; 

Type of License required by Food Truck Business:

Food truck businesses can obtain a License/ Registration as per their turnover and the number of vehicles working. The categorization of Licenses is:


Type of License/ Registration

  • Having more than 100 Vehicles and
  • Having turnover more than Rs. 30 Crores per annum

Central License

  • Having vehicles up to 100
  • Having turnover up to Rs. 30 Crores per annum

State License

  • Having only a single vehicle and
  • Having turnover up to Rs. 12 Lacs per annum


Fees for obtaining an FSSAI License from a Food Truck Business:

  1. Where FBO requires a Central License, they need to pay Rs. 7500 per annum 
  2. Where FBO requires a State License, they need to pay Rs. 2000 per annum
  3. Where FBO requires basic Registration, they need to pay Rs. 100 per annum

Process to get FSSAI License from Food Truck Business:

FBO is required to fill out an online application on the FoSCoS portal, where they must fill in all the necessary details such as mobile number, email ID, address, etc., and select the type of food product that they are dealing with. After which upload all the necessary documents which are self-attested (as required). As the last step, FBO needs to make the payment as fees are per the type of registration.

Once the application has been filed, the concerned authorities after verifying all the details and after complying with their standard procedure for verification will provide the License/ Registration to the FBO.

The process of obtaining a food license is now a time-saving and much-simplified process to be done through an online compliance portal. Thus, the food operators must file an application for obtaining a food license before commencing their business activity.

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