How to Sell on Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the India’s largest online selling platforms in India founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in the year 2007. Flipkart revolutionised the buying behaviour of Indian consumers. Flipkart sells all categories of products ranging from baby products, household items to sophisticated electronics. It is India’s largest e-commerce site for electronics. It is estimated that 80 lakh people visit the page daily. As a direct result, suppliers have cut throat competition when it comes to selling through Flipkart.

Many suppliers and manufacturers want their products to be sold through Flipkart, but most of them lack the knowledge on how to register themselves as a Flipkart seller. Here is a guide on how to sell products on Flipkart.

Documents required for Flipkart seller registration

The documents needed to become a Flipkart seller differs from the nature of business or companies. The documents required to be presented by a sole proprietor is different from the documents expected to be filed by a corporation or a partnership firm.

The following are the documents that need to be submitted by a person willing to become a Flipkart seller:

(a) Sole Proprietorship

The documents that should be submitted for identity proof include signed business letterhead that acts as a declaration and states that an individual possesses the business and has a bank account in the business’s name, PAN card, driving license, voters ID, passport, statement of registered bank account on the payment gateway of Flipkart, and a letter signed by any Public authority in recognition of the business.

The telephone bill, electricity bill, and the statement of bank account, ration card, letter from the employer, letter by a Public Authority and the letter of lease agreement acts as address proofs.

(b) Private companies

The copy of the incorporation certificate, company PAN card and MOA (memorandum of association) serves as the identity proof, and the electricity bill, telephone bill of the company and rental or lease agreement serve as address proofs.

(c) Partnership firm and LLP

The identity proof includes the partnership deed, limited liability partnership (LLP) certificate of incorporation or partnership registration, statement of power of attorney, the photographs of partners or employees having the power of attorney and the firm’s PAN card.

The address proofs required are a lease agreement, the electricity and telephone bills of the firm/company, and the official document that confirms the partners’ address.

(d) Trust and Foundation

A Trust and Foundation also can become a Flipkart seller. All the official records regarding the trust and foundation need to be submitted for the purpose of proving its identity and existence.

Steps involved in becoming a Flipkart seller

There are five simple steps to be followed to become a Flipkart seller.

The steps for registering a sole proprietorship are very easy when compared to a company, but the bearable risk is unlimited and falls entirely on the sole proprietor.

Flipkart seller registration process

In a nutshell, a person or business who wishes to sell their products through Flipkart should provide necessary information on their products and business, verify them and register with Flipkart.

Once the information and documents provided gets verified and the person or the business agree to Flipkart’s terms and conditions they get the authority to sell their products through Flipkart.

  • The first step includes reviewing, deciding and registering a satisfactory or acceptable business entity.
  • The second step is tax registration where the promoter needs to get the PAN, TAN and TIN number of the registered business.
  • After tax registration, a bank account in the business name should be opened.
  • The next step is to register with Flipkart by submitting the information and documents asked by the company.
  • After registering with Flipkart, the business entity can sell their products through Flipkart.
    • To qualify as a seller on Flipkart; a person or a business entity needs to sign up with Flipkart. 
    • The individual or the business entity willing to be a seller in Flipkart can sign into the Flipkart seller homepage and provide information on the company and the products that they are willing to sell on this platform.
    • During registration, the person or the company needs to supply information on the name, email address, phone number, business address or pickup address, products that they are willing to sell, documents related to business and tax registration.
    • The necessary information and the documents mentioned above need to be submitted and verified to get the authority of a Flipkart seller.

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